Boys Soccer: Playoff Picture, Rankings, Standings, Stats

Boys Soccer: Playoff Picture, Rankings, Standings, Stats

Fates will be decided in three weeks…

Division I

Locks: Berkeley, Clayton Valley, De La Salle, Dublin, Freedom, Granada, Logan, Pitt, San Ramon Valley

I’ve moved Freedom and Pitt into the locks. They are close to a mathematical lock, and have very good resumes. I can’t imagine one of them not getting in.

I’m seconding that with Logan. Nearly a mathematical lock, and have a good resume with two very good wins. They are in.

Likely In: California, Castro Valley, Deer Valley, Dougherty Valley, Monte Vista

Cal just needs two draws, or one win, from its remaining five D1 matches. I think they are closing in on being a lock. Dougherty Valley, by beating and drawing with Foothill, puts themselves in a position to be ahead of the Falcons. I think Dougherty has a good shot of getting in

On the Bubble: Amador Valley, College Park, Foothill, Heritage, Irvington, Liberty

Two spots for these bubble teams. It was a big week for AV, which got positive results in three matches, which were badly needed. Now, if AV, FH and CP all get eligible and fight for those two spots, good luck on figuring out which one gets left out.

Heritage, Irvington and Liberty need to keep building their cases, and may need some help with other teams not getting eligible. However, if Heritage and Foothill are eligible for the last spot, Heritage has the head-to-head win, and that could put them in.

Division II

Locks: Concord, Las Lomas, Livermore, Maria Carrillo, Montgomery, Newark Memorial, Redwood, Richmond

I made Carrillo a lock because of their record within division, and the fact that I think eligibility equals a berth, and they are already eligible.

Likely In: Mt. Eden, Northgate, YV

I can’t imagine YV and Northgate not getting in. A lot of matches left for both, but I think they are close to safe.

On the Bubble: Arroyo, Casa Grande, Hayward, Tamalpais, Washington

All these teams are floating around .500 in one category or another. They are going to need some results soon to ensure themselves a berth.

Division III

Locks: Acalanes, Bishop O’Dowd, Kennedy-Fremont, Miramonte, Pinole Valley, Rancho Cotate, San Lorenzo, Sir Frances Drake

Acalanes, Miramonte and Pinole now make it eight locks.

Likely In: De Anza, Piner

DA is almost a lock, but with so many teams on the bubble, gotta wait to see who gets eligible.

I think Piner is in really good shape with a good overall record and some solid wins.

On the Bubble: Albany, Analy, Campolindo, El Cerrito, Elsie Allen, Encinal, Petaluma, San Marin, San Rafael, Sonoma Valley, Terra Linda

Albany is close to guaranteeing eligibility, which might be enough to get in with. They are 3-1-0 in DIII matches, with two left. However, they could get another one in the league playoffs.

I think Albany is close to being considered likely in, and I think San Rafael, San Marin and Novato will have the strongest argument if they get eligible because of the strength of their league.

Division IV

Locks: Berean Christian, Branson, Cardinal Newman, Kennedy-Richmond, Marin Academy, Marin Catholic, Moreau Catholic, St. Mary’s

Same as last week, with eight teams locked in.

Likely In: Lick Wilmerding, University

No change here. Both are close, but not quite locks.

On the Bubble: Healdsburg, Piedmont, Salesian

Piedmont is looking more and more likely to be in with a 3-1-0 record in WACC Shoreline matches. Healdsburg and Salesian are both right on the edge and need good results in their remaining DIV matches.


I decided it was time to make some major shifts. Redwood jumps into the top ten, and Acalanes returns to the rankings in the top 10. The Dons have won seven matches in a row, while the Giants have won 11 in a row, and their only losses have been by forfeit.

With all the shifting in the top ten, I couldn’t move DLS down, despite two draws. I think the EBAL deserves the top two teams with SRV right behind DLS. Logan makes a seven spot jump.

With big jumps, there are teams that fall. Clayton, BOD, Berkeley, and LL had draws against unranked teams, while Concord and Pitt lost to teams that were unranked at the time. All these teams dropped.

Dublin and MV played very good teams, and had a mixed bag of results, so to be consistent, I moved them down the same amount of spots due to losses.

1. De La Salle (8-2-4)
2. San Ramon Valley (7-2-8)
3. Marin Academy (8-0-3)
4. Montgomery (11-2-1)
5. Granada (7-2-5)
6. Richmond (8-1-6)
7. Newark Memorial (11-1-4)
8. Redwood (11-3-0)
9. Dublin (9-3-2)
10. Acalanes (10-4-1)
11. Logan (9-5-3)
12. California (7-5-2)
13. Monte Vista (4-3-8)
14. Bishop O’Dowd (11-1-2)
15. Clayton Valley (10-3-3)
16. Miramonte (8-2-2)
17. Concord (9-3-2)
18. Pittsburg (8-4-4)
19. Berkeley (10-3-4)
20. Las Lomas (10-2-3)
21. San Lorenzo (11-5-0)
22. St. Mary’s (9-2-2)
23. Ygnacio Valley (7-3-4)
24. Dougherty Valley (6-3-5)
25. Amador Valley (7-7-4)


Freedom (9-4-4, 2-0-2) 8
Pittsburg (8-4-4, 2-1-1) 7
Deer Valley (8-4-2, 2-1-1) 7
Heritage (3-5-4, 1-2-1) 4
Liberty (2-6-1, 1-2-1) 4
Antioch (2-9-4, 0-2-2) 2

Foothill Division
Acalanes (10-4-1, 4-0-0) 12
Concord (9-3-2, 3-1-0) 9
Berean Chr. (10-2-3, 2-1-1) 7
Miramonte (8-2-2, 2-1-1) 7
Alhambra (1-11-2, 0-4-0) 0
Mt. Diablo (1-8-2, 0-4-0) 0
Valley Division
Clayton Valley (10-3-3, 3-0-1) 10
Northgate (5-5-4, 2-1-1) 7
Campolindo (3-8-3, 1-1-2) 5
Las Lomas (10-2-3, 1-1-2) 5
Ygnacio Valley (7-3-4, 1-2-1) 4
College Park (5-9-3, 0-3-1) 1

Mountain Division
De La Salle (8-2-4, 4-0-3) 15
San Ramon Valley (7-2-8, 4-0-3) 15
California (7-5-2, 3-3-1) 10
Dougherty Valley (6-3-5, 1-2-4) 7
Monte Vista (4-3-8, 1-2-4) 7
Valley Division
Granada (7-2-5, 2-1-4) 10
Amador Valley (7-7-4, 2-3-2) 8
Dublin (9-3-2, 2-3-2) 8
Foothill (5-6-3, 2-3-2) 8
Livermore (4-6-5, 1-5-1) 4

Redwood (11-3-0, 10-0-0) 24
Marin Catholic (8-4-1, 5-4-1) 16
Terra Linda (4-3-4, 4-2-4) 16
Branson (7-4-3, 4-3-3) 15
Drake (8-4-3, 4-3-3) 15
San Rafael (4-9-2, 4-4-2) 14
San Marin (5-9-3, 3-4-3) 12
Tamalpais (3-5-4, 3-4-3) 12
Novato (3-7-5, 1-5-4) 7
Justin-Siena (0-9-1, 0-9-1) 1

Newark Memorial (11-1-4, 7-0-1) 22
Logan (9-5-3, 6-1-0) 18
Kennedy (7-4-3, 5-1-2) 17
Washington (3-8-2, 3-3-2) 11
Irvington (3-7-1, 3-3-1) 10
Moreau Catholic (6-7-2, 2-5-1) 7
American (1-11-0, 1-7-0) 3
Mission San Jose (1-10-2, 0-7-1) 1

Montgomery (11-2-1, 7-0-0) 21
Rancho Cotate (11-2-0, 7-1-0) 21
Maria Carrillo (6-4-1, 4-2-0) 12
Casa Grande (6-7-1, 3-4-0) 9
Cardinal Newman (6-6-2, 2-4-1) 7
Windsor (4-7-2, 2-5-1) 7
Santa Rosa (2-7-0, 2-6-0) 6
Ukiah (1-6-1, 1-6-0) 3

Piner (7-2-1, 4-1-0) 12
Petaluma (3-9-0, 3-3-0) 9
Analy (6-4-0, 2-2-0) 6
Elsie Allen (4-3-0, 2-1-0) 6
Healdsburg (2-5-2, 2-3-0) 6
Sonoma Valley (2-5-0, 2-1-0) 6
El Molino (0-7-0, 0-4-0) 0

Rock Division
St. Mary’s (9-2-2, 7-0-0) 21
Richmond (8-1-6, 6-0-1) 19
De Anza (10-6-4, 4-4-0) 12
Albany (4-7-1, 3-5-0) 9
El Cerrito (6-10-2, 2-5-1) 7
Hercules (1-10-0, 0-8-0) 0
Stone Division
Kennedy (11-5-1, 5-0-0) 15
Pinole Valley (9-3-3, 5-1-0) 15
Salesian (3-7-0, 2-4-0) 6
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (0-4-0, 0-3-0) 0
Swett (0-5-0, 0-4-0) 0

Foothill Division
Berkeley (10-3-4, 8-0-2) 26
Bishop O’Dowd (11-1-2, 8-0-2) 26
Castro Valley (7-4-7, 6-1-3) 21
Mt. Eden (7-6-5, 4-3-3) 15
Arroyo (4-9-3, 4-4-2) 14
San Leandro (5-10-2, 4-4-1) 13
Shoreline Division
San Lorenzo (11-5-0, 7-3-0) 21
Piedmont (5-8-0, 4-6-0) 12
Hayward (6-8-0, 3-6-0) 9
Alameda (2-11-1, 1-7-1) 4
Encinal (1-7-1, 1-7-1) 4
Tennyson (0-16-0, 0-9-0) 0

Marin Academy (8-0-3)
Lick-Wilmerding (7-5-1)
University (7-4-1)
Valley Christian (0-7-0)

Khamush, Dublin 18
Doherty, DA 15
Ju. Rodriguez, Kennedy-R 15
Kanghere, Newark 15
AlaTorre, SLZ 13
Kiehle, AV 12
Sievers, Branson 12
Rondan, Free 11
Montoya, Pinole 11
Perez, Pinole 11
Pollak, St. Mary 11
Geannacopulous, Acalanes 10
Hausser, BOD 10
Barahona, Concord 10
Olaee, Irvington 10
Jung, Marin Ac. 10
Garcia, Moreau 10
Correa, Mt. Eden 10
Galvan, Pinole 10
Rogan, Redwood 10

Lombana, Newark 14
Bauchou, JFK-F 13
Harless, DA 12
Martinez, SLZ 11
Rondan, Freedom 10
Galvan, Pinole 9
Montonya, Pinole 9
AlaTorre, SLZ 9
Barahona, Concord 8
Garcia, Granada 8
Kekre, Irvington 8
Loiza, JFK-F 8
Campbell, Granada 7
Perez, Hayward 7
Slominski, Livermore 7
Alvarez, Mt. Eden 7
Galvan, Pinole 7

60 thoughts on “Boys Soccer: Playoff Picture, Rankings, Standings, Stats

  1. SRV 1-1 Cal
    Dougherty 0-0 DLS
    Livermore 0-0 MV
    Dublin 0-4 AV
    Pitt 2-0 Freedom
    DV 1-2 Heritage
    St. Mary’s 3-0 Hercules
    JFK 0-0 Pinole

    1. AV only team to win EBAL game Thursday night, and win big! Peaking at the right time? (or finally). A tough week for Dublin.

  2. Boys scores reported so far
    Pitt 2-1 Antioch
    Freedom 0-1 DV
    Heritage 3-1 Liberty
    AV 1-0 Cal
    Dublin 0-1 DLS
    Granada 1-0 Dougherty
    MV 4-0 FH
    Livermore 2-2 SRV
    SL 4-6 Berkeley

  3. GRANADA 1-0 Dougherty
    I am frustrated beyond words with how our season has gone. I don’t want to go down that road, but after another 2 goals being disallowed, and another game slipping out of our hands in bizarre circumstances, I have to say I am disappointed for our boys. They have worked tremendously hard to improve and it is unfair to see them repeatedly at the wrong end of strange decisions. No disrespect to Granada, it was a good game tonight. What should have been our second goal was a beauty too.

    1. Usually not watchable soccer imho. Plenty set plays, physical interactions (and some people do like that,) and reliance on direct play, but there are exceptions.

      1. Clearly you don’t understand the game. It’s high school soccer, the vast majority of these kids are not going to play at the next level. Also, how many goals are scored on set pieces at the professional level? You would be surprised.

        1. Hmmmmm!!
          And who’s been in and WON the NCS finals the previous 10 or so years????

          So slow your roll big guy! And if you reads rug’s post it states “You won’t find MUCH better play outside EBAL”. Berkeley worked their ASS off to beat who???? Oh yeah….DLS (12 NCS Titles)….and from what league?…….EBAL.

          The point is that EBAL teams are consistently in and or WIN the NCS Finals.
          Just Sayin’

            1. And????
              Look at last year’s seedings:
              #1 SRV (EBAL)
              #2 Freedom (BVAL)
              #3 DLS (EBAL)
              #4 Berkeley (WACC)
              A pretty good mix in my opinion. Was there a team outside of EBAL that deserved to unseed DLS or SRV? And DLS got the honor of having to play the 1st round away at the #14 seed. The League Champion “Guaranteed” 1 playoff Home game rule tries to give less quality leagues a boost, but at the same time punishes a team by denying them a Home playoff game of which they worked hard all year and DESERVED to have. Simply put, the teams in these leagues need to step up and be better and what better example than last year’s NCS Champion……..Berkeley.

                1. More credit to Berkeley!
                  That was a great run they had in the playoffs. Taking down SRV away was especially TOUGH!

                  How is this year’s team compared to last year’s? I know they lost some key players especially the keeper. Will they contend this year?

          1. The original question was about style of play, rather than about winning. Historically EBAL teams win D1, and historically by often playing unpleasant to watch soccer.

            1. I’m curious why it’s so unpleasant to watch Zlaatan? I find it quite entertaining. The young men that play for these EBAL teams work their butts off in many cases just to get a draw. The hard work that they put into each game is teaching these young men great values that will last a lifetime. Rather than worrying about some silly move that doesn’t amount to much or Ineffective possession that rarely gets a goal against quality defensive teams. They just go out and put in the work. No frills, no thrills! Just unselfish hard nosed soccer. It’s an absolute dog fight. Remember, almost every EBAL league game is about a 1 goal difference. I don’t quite know if you just don’t appreciate the lengths that these guys take to play at this intense level. I’m sure they would love to have 3 or 4 weak teams in their league to play the “pretty soccer” against amounting to around a fourth of their season ( 6 to 8 games )but they don’t. It’s just a grind week in and week out. 13 games of league play every year. The sheer grit and determination that these boys show in order to get through a regular season is unbelievable. Rarely getting rest for their starters. Guys are hanging on by a thread each game to stay in the starting lineup. I guess what I’m saying is that EBAL teams rarely get an easy game in the heart of the season. But when they do get the chance to play a non league team, it almost always ends in a win. I can’t change your point of view on what’s pleasant to watch or not. Honestly. I don’t think their is a team on the face of the planet that just got done winning a game that is concerned about someone thinking that it was pleasant to watch. Besides, last I checked it was free to watch these guys give it their all. I love it!!

                1. @Angeleyes that just goes to show how impressive Berkeley’s accomplishment last year was. EBAL is undeniably the strongest league, but doesn’t seem like there is are obvious favorites this year, where as last year Berkeley, Srv, DLS, and Freedom
                  We’re clearly above the rest

                  1. I totally agree. Last year’s NCS final was one of the best high school soccer games I’d ever seen. Much Much credit to the Berkeley boys for their hard fought win. Especially how humble they were afterwards and giving respect to the DLS program. EBAL fans can definitely get on their high horse sometimes and be obnoxious but that also comes with having to play in a very highly competitive league in which every game is a battle.

              1. It’s absurd to even imply that EBAL teams put in more work, or play with more grit and determination than other top programs in the area. Those are not things that are incompatible with well refined soccer.

                For what it’s worth Berkeley starts every season with 3 – 4 away games at the top EBAL schools.

                The past three seasons Berkeley is 7 – 3 – 2 against EBAL in regular season play. If we expand the scope to include the post season, the record is 12 – 4 – 2.

                EBAL has a fairly earned reputation, but most of the league rides the coattails of three specific, very strong programs of recent history, and they benefit from it in ranking and seeding.

              2. Marcus, I like soccer with flair and creativity and while I understand grit and hard work are necessary to win, I don’t value them as much, because they are more abundant in nature. I do respect that you are entertained by them, and sometimes I am as well, but for me flair and creativity are more important. EBAL wins games, I admit, but often flair and creativity are not there. That is all I was saying. Also I did not mean to disrespect EBAL players and coaches. I am sorry if I came across the wrong way.

                Let me add that winning is not everything. Our current president likes to portray himself as a winner, for example. Winner of what? Enjoying creation, enjoying a beautiful playing sequence, an inspiration, enjoying beauty can be, in my opinion, more meaningful than enjoying a win. You can win at heads and tails, if you wanna win. Soccer is not just heads and tails.

                1. Good analogy (heads and tails). I agree with you. I would just hope that bloggers may consider what they write before posting. These fine young men hopefully will ALL someday contribute to our society in a positive way. Playing sports will always help to get them on the right path…

            2. “Unpleasant” compared to what? La Liga?, Premier League?, Serie A?!!!! Does D2, D3, or D4 play a better “Style”?.
              I already know your answer…..”Elite Club soccer is so much better”. We all know this already. High School soccer (not just EBAL) is very different than Club soccer. It’s very aggressive and not very “Clean”. You have varying levels of talent which is very difficult to coach and organize. It is what it is. Your post suggest this “Unpleasant” soccer is just with EBAL.
              I could be mistaken.

              1. No, I will not get into the club soccer thing. To b honest, some of them are pretty robotic. Last year, I was on a beach in Southern California watching a bunch of kids playing soccer, and it was very pleasant, very creative. There are teams in NCS and maybe more so in other sections that are pleasant to watch. The DLS team that started their n-peat was extremely pleasant to watch, so was SRV a few years ago, Richmond, Berkeley, Newark and I am forgetting some for sure.

                1. All good!!
                  And I agree that watching creative free flowing soccer is the BEST!!! I dread watching the “Over the top” overly aggressive score at all cost games.

  4. DLS 1 Dublin 0 Final Score. 2nd half similar to first with more similar posession. DLS carved out only real clear cut chance of the entire match for either team in final 5 minutes to win it. Beautiful final ball it was. Overall not much to seperate these teams based off this game but a very solid road win for DLS in the end.

    1. Agreed.
      DLS’ attack was sub-par all game. They’re much better than they showed. A couple of chances with two runs in the box that would score 9 out of 10 times. Big credit to the midfield and back line for shutting out Dublin’s forwards. Two great shots on goal and nothing else. #10 is a total “Cherry Picker”and plays ZERO defense. He literally sits up top and waits for the through balls. Great technically but too slow. A big shout out to Dublin’s back line. They stepped up and shut down DLS’ attack except for the one game winning goal.

      1. Top goal scorer in NCS is slow and a cherry picker? Pretty harsh review, granted it wasn’t his best game, but I’ve seen several of Dublin’s games where he displayed superb work ethic beating 2-3 defenders at a time. Curious to see how many goals he finishes with this season.

      2. Think you’re a bit harsh on #10 as he is a very very quick player in stride but wasn’t able to get into it much last night. Also takes a bit more than a cherry picker to be top scorer in NCS.
        Overall though, pretty spot on with your analysis on the game. Dublin’s defense did surprise me as well with just how solid they looked last night. Something they could definitely build on

        1. Ok. Probably a bit harsh…My bad. He does score a lot of goals. I have a ton of respect for all of these kids. You’re correct with the “Very Quick” comment, he did move well in short bursts when needed. I did however observe him ‘camping out’ up top when he could be pinching back to pressure the ball defensively. If Dublin is going to make any kind of run in the playoffs the boys up top have got to work. This goes for any team.
          All good!

  5. Dublin 0 DLS 0 at half. Pretty dull game since both teams are showing too much respect to each other. 1 big chance for Dublin and 2-3 half chanes for DLS so far. DLS with more possession.

  6. Alhambra v. Campo
    Concord v. VC
    YV v. Marin Academy
    University v. Branson
    Newark v. Tennyson
    DA v. Mt. Diablo
    JFK-R v. Piedmont

      1. And there it is. The first comment of this season about how I favor DLS above other teams. I’m surprised it took so long with less than three weeks left in the season.

      2. DLS is definitely not the better side. SRV was by far better in my opinion, they had many injuries that they had to work through. They were without 3/4 of there starting defense at the end of the game and still manage to dominate the game

        1. Would have to agree to some extent. I would say SRV is the better team before I would say DLS is knowing the injuries SRV had to deal with. Had to reshuffle their entire back line and missing Dooley, for all intents and purposes the best in the state at what he does at LB.

        2. You clearly weren’t watching the same game I was. Neither team dominated and both can play better soccer. Injuries are part of the game…Suck it up and deal with it!!

    1. That’s way too close to call. They are both very disciplined, very organized and are talented. After seeing them Saturday, I have to say they should be considered on the shortlist of teams to reach the NCS final.

        1. I mean, I think any EBAL team that gets in could make the finals. The league is so deep. Admittedly, I haven’t seen FH, Granada or Dougherty.

    1. DLS and SRV for the reasons mentioned above. I liked the width and pace Berkeley plays with, and I really like the two kids Dublin has up top. I think Dublin is going to challenge DLS and SRV in the DI playoffs. I also think Clayton, Pitt and Freedom should not be counted out. Plenty of pace and skill with those teams.

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