Girls Soccer: NCS Champs, NorCal Tournament, Updated Rankings

Girls Soccer: NCS Champs, NorCal Tournament, Updated Rankings

One week until the NorCal draw is announced.

A week without the footy, so it’s time for the NCS champs to basque in their glory. Congrats to Monte Vista, the state’s top-ranked team, for finishing off a terrific NCS season. Branson, ranked in the top 20, enters the NorCal Tourney unbeaten after PK’s settled a 1-1 affair with Piedmont.
Maria Carrillo overcame an incredibly tough Livermore team to keep the Cowboys from back-to-back titles and win the DII title, while Campolindo, a team that hovered around .500 all year, really turned it on in the last month and became an NCS champ.


I can’t see these changing with the NorCal Tournament, unless Carondelet gets another crack at MV and wins.

1. Monte Vista 22-1-1
2. Branson 21-0-3
3. Carondelet 17-6-4
4. Foothill 12-2-9
5. California 13-5-5
6. Maria Carrillo 18-2-1
7. Livermore 13-7-4
8. Montgomery 19-2-1
9. Piedmont 15-3-3
10. Campolindo 13-7-1
11. Amador Valley 13-5-4
12. San Ramon Valley 8-4-8
13. Clayton Valley 16-1-8
14. Redwood 16-6-0
15. Tamalpais 19-2-3
16. Dublin 10-6-5
17. Las Lomas 13-5-1
18. Liberty 14-6-0
19. Northgate 13-4-2
20. Heritage 12-6-0
21. Analy 18-3-3
22. Logan 11-4-3
23. Newark 16-3-2
24. Kennedy-Fremont 15-5-2
25. Cardinal Newman 13-10-0


Marin Academy (10-7-1, 7-2-1) 22
Urban (9-7-3, 6-2-2) 20
Head-Royce (7-6-3, 5-2-3) 18
University (6-7-4, 3-4-3) 12
Lick-Wilmerding (2-7-5, 2-4-4) 10
St. Joseph-Notre Dame (1-10-1, 0-9-1) 1

Heritage (12-6-0, 8-2-0) 24
Liberty (14-6-0, 8-2-0) 24
Freedom (9-6-4, 7-2-1) 22
Deer Valley (8-10-1, 4-5-1) 13
Antioch (2-15-3, 1-9-0) 3
Pittsburg (7-17-0, 1-9-0) 3

Foothill Division
Las Lomas (13-5-1, 9-0-1) 28
College Park (10-8-3, 6-4-0) 18
Campolindo (13-7-1, 5-4-1) 16
Miramonte (8-13-1, 5-5-0) 15
Alhambra (9-10-2, 2-6-2) 8
Acalanes (3-14-2, 0-8-2) 2
Valley Division
Northgate (13-4-2, 8-0-2) 26
Clayton Valley (16-1-8, 7-0-3) 24
Berean Christian (9-7-4, 3-3-4) 13
Ygnacio Valley (9-6-2, 4-5-1) 13
Concord (5-11-4, 2-6-2) 8
Mt. Diablo (9-14-1, 0-10-0) 0

Mountain Division
Monte Vista (22-1-1, 12-0-1) 37
Carondelet (17-6-4, 6-4-3) 21
California (13-5-5, 5-4-4) 19
San Ramon Valley (8-4-8, 4-3-6) 18
Dougherty Valley (3-14-1, 0-13-0) 0
Valley Division
Foothill (12-2-9, 4-1-8) 20
Amador Valley (13-5-4, 5-4-4) 19
Livermore (13-7-4, 5-5-3) 18
Dublin (10-6-5, 3-5-5) 14
Granada (4-11-2, 3-8-2) 11

Branson (21-0-3, 13-0-1) 40
Tamalpais (19-2-3, 12-0-2) 38
Redwood (16-6-0, 11-3-0) 33
Drake (12-6-5, 5-5-4) 19
Marin Catholic (9-9-1, 6-7-1) 19
Terra Linda (10-10-0, 6-8-0) 18
Novato (5-8-4, 3-8-3) 12
San Rafael (8-11-4, 3-8-3) 12
San Marin (4-13-5, 1-8-5) 8
Justin-Siena (0-14-4, 0-12-2) 2

Logan (11-4-3, 11-0-3) 36
Newark Memorial (16-3-2, 11-1-2) 35
Kennedy (15-5-2, 9-3-2) 29
Moreau Catholic (9-4-4, 7-3-4) 25
Irvington (10-9-1, 6-7-1) 19
American (3-15-1, 2-12-0) 6
Mission San Jose (4-15-1, 2-12-0) 6
Washington (1-18-0, 1-13-0) 3

Montgomery (19-2-1, 13-0-1) 40
Maria Carrillo (18-2-1, 12-1-1) 37
Cardinal Newman (13-10-0, 7-7-0) 21
Casa Grande (9-10-0, 7-7-0) 21
Ukiah (11-9-3, 7-7-0) 21
Santa Rosa (9-10-0, 5-9-0) 15
Windsor (7-11-2, 4-10-0) 12
Rancho Cotate (0-20-0, 0-14-0) 0

Analy (18-3-3, 12-1-1) 37
Sonoma Academy (16-5-2, 12-2-0) 36
Petaluma (16-5-2, 10-2-2) 32
Sonoma Valley (9-9-1, 8-5-1) 25
El Molino (7-12-0, 5-9-0) 15
Piner (5-12-1, 3-9-1) 10
Elsie Allen (4-17-0, 2-12-0) 6
Healdsburg (0-17-0, 0-14-0) 0

Rock Division
Pinole Valley (14-5-1, 9-0-1) 28
El Cerrito (11-5-4, 8-1-1) 25
Albany (10-8-1, 6-4-0) 18
St. Mary’s (8-8-0, 4-6-0) 12
Salesian (1-9-1, 1-8-1) 4
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (3-11-1, 0-9-1) 1
Stone Division
De Anza (11-7-0, 8-0-0) 24
Richmond (7-15-0, 6-2-0) 18
Hercules (3-13-2, 3-4-1) 10
Swett (4-10-2, 2-5-1) 4
Kennedy (1-15-0, 0-8-0) 0

Foothill League
Piedmont (15-4-2, 7-1-2) 23
Castro Valley (10-5-5, 5-2-3) 18
Bishop O’Dowd (6-10-2, 5-3-2) 17
Berkeley (5-8-9, 3-1-6) 15
Arroyo (7-12-1, 2-7-1) 7
Mt. Eden (4-13-1, 1-9-0) 3
Shoreline League
Hayward (7-5-3, 7-0-3) 24
Alameda (7-10-4, 6-2-2) 20
San Leandro (11-4-8, 4-1-5) 17
Encinal (5-6-5, 3-3-4) 13
Tennyson (6-14-3, 2-6-2) 8
San Lorenzo (0-16-2, 0-10-0) 0

Redwood Christian (0-10-1)

119 thoughts on “Girls Soccer: NCS Champs, NorCal Tournament, Updated Rankings

  1. Question… if a team plays a game and wins 6-0 and later forfeits the game for any reason, should the stats be adjusted back to zero for goals scores etc…? I think they should.

    I see stats in the newspaper today crediting a player where the stats include a goal scored in a forfeited game. Not very cool.

  2. MV 1 Mitty 0

    The game was not as close as the score indicates. MV was clearly the better team. There were times when Mitty could just not “get out.” Mitty looked threatening on set pieces, but I was not convinced they would beat MV in the run of play.

    While Mitty has a very good team and some outstanding players–#17–I think it conceivable that a couple of EBAL teams teams might beat Mitty. And, even if they did not beat Mitty, they might have given them a run for their money.

  3. CIF playoff have been fun. I would suggest selecting only 4 teams per division for next year.

    So for D1 it should have been:

    NCS Champ -MV
    CCS Champ- Arch Bishop
    Sacramento champ- Granite Bay
    and next best wildcard—-Davis

    Just too many games in a week.

      1. Here’s a comment from Matt’s original ranking (with Branson at #3):

        “Branson is a tiny D4 school of 322 kids that plays an incredibly weak schedule. I saw that they beat Piedmont 3-2, a team that was pummeled by BOD 2x last year. And after ding some digging, BOD for swept by two EBAL teams, Livermore and Monte Vista.

        Last place EBAL team DV could give Branson a hell of a game and very well could beat them!! Definitely not worthy of a #3 ranking.”

        I think Matt knows his stuff.

        1. I never understand why people get so hung up on school size. You could be Branson and have the right 5 kids with good coaching, and be very good. You could have 2000 students and not have those 5 kids as well.

          For me it’s not a shocking result. Livermore isn’t a world beater this year with 7 losses albeit vs some tough competition. We need to give Branson lot of credit and realize ebal isn’t the only good teams around 🙂

          I hear mv and C are 1-1 at half time. Could be interesting!!

          Another example is pinewood women’s basketball in ccs.

          Branson is a good team with good coaching and it’s clearly showed.

            1. Mitty 4-0. Granite Bay looked exhausted and Mitty is simply better. Tough to travel to the South Bay twice in 3 days vs good teams.

              I think it’s Monte Vista’s to lose but weather will likely play it’s part so may be closer then normal.

              2-1 MV

              1. Mitty’s very good. And Carondelet game was difficult and physical for MV. Tough draw for Granite Bay on the travel; that definitely plays a part. In addition to the long ride often in traffic. The kids cannot skip school or call in sick or skip assignments due the day of a game.

                1. Yes, Mitty is good and tough to beat. I saw them once earlier in season. Big, athletic, and plays pretty direct. Great on set pieces too. MV is the better team but like you said just had a battle where Mitty coasted the last 2.

                  Very early in the season MV beat them 1-0 in a match that could have been 3-0 easily BUT that was a long time ago and Mitty is better now. I imagine MV is it too.

            2. Cougs –
              Quite an exciting game last night and I thought an even match with CHS creating chaos from pressure all over the field. Some frantic play at times from the typical controlled style of MV, but to be expected with the season on the line.
              Great focus and confidence by CHS to regroup after that deflating early goal and then to equalize on an amazing effort by your speedy striker before the half. She was relentless making her way through several defenders with one hanging on her arm as she slotted a far post beauty of a finish.
              A number of shots high and wide from both teams, but I counted SOG for CHS (11) to MV’s (6).
              I don’t believe the PK with 14 to go (that became the ultimate game winner) was warranted after watching the physicality of the game and the two last defender fouls on clear goal scoring opportunities for CHS at the other end. It seemed that the MV winger leaned back to initiate contact, spun around and just fell down? Love to see that on replay.
              An enormous sigh of relief from the home side when that penalty found the net, but I think everybody wanted to see more and see it settled in OT after that late game foul in the box was awarded to MV.
              As you can imagine, “Let the players settle this match” was heard from a multitude of voices.
              I will say it sure was exciting to watch the last 7-8 minutes and unfortunate that last shot under maybe 45 seconds hit the post and it’s rebound swept off the line behind MV’s keeper. From my viewpoint I thought we were going to be equal again at 2-2 and headed to OT.
              Excellent fight to the very end.
              Congratulations to both teams. What a great game to watch.
              Moving on, let’s see if MV can get rested and complete the run by beating Mitty on Saturday. The CHS game literally came down to the last 30 seconds and there was not much subbing during the entire 80 minutes.
              Some great efforts and stellar athleticism witnessed during that game. I hope to attend on Saturday.
              Go EBAL!
              Thank you to the Seniors. A great 4 years!
              As always, Go Cougs!
              See you next December!

          1. To me, basketball is more the game that a relatively small school can be quite good because your “five kids” notion works in hoops. I don’t think 5 kids is enough to have a quality HS soccer team in this area; 10 or more are needed, which does make it noteworthy when such a small school can compete.

            As an aside, that will make it particularly tough to prevail in this brutal NorCal 3 games in 5 days schedule. I guess we’ll see in a couple of hours!

            You are absolutely right that Branson is well-coached, and that does make a big difference.

  4. The Las Vegas players Showcase is next week for the girls. I am sure for the u15 to U17 age groups there’s pressure to return to club or risk limited play time next next week. In retrospect perhaps a CIF championship occurs too late in the HS soccer season.

    1. Wasn’t in the cards, or rather In the kicks, as both MC and Liv go out on PK’s.

      Woodland looks like they have some excellent D. Kinda like Branson. I would not expect many goals in that Final.

    1. My wife was asking the same thing about the possibility some players left. The Las Vegas Showcase is in a week.

    2. My high school was about two or three miles from Archbishop Mitty. We had to deal with their shite for years. (And, this from an adult convert to Catholicism. ) I will be rooting for whatever EBAL team survives.

      MV v. Carondolet round #4? Wow!

    3. Very long season. I’m not sure this playoff and extended season is a good idea for anyone or any team. Are we even sure what teams and what roster will be playing? Do we really want a state final beyond this next year? These are students with academic pressures too.

      1. Good points all. Unlike football, which my son played, we all know the fulcrum of soccer is club soccer. High school soccer is, for lack of a better term, a diversion. A very welcome and significant diversion in the eyes of many, because it provides A LOT of things not available from club soccer. Still it is “not where the rubber meets the road” for serious players. Serious players seldom–never?–get recruited from high school. The lengthening of the high school season needs to be worked-out–if indeed it can–with the clubs.

        1. They are gonna kill these kids. Why do teams need 20-23 regular season games. 2-3 min league and 12 league. That’s enough. Then hey let’s make the best play 3 tough games in 5 days. Marvelous . Also, you have some sections didn’t end until Saturday but other sections had a 8-9 day break
          Or so. Fun idea but need to put kids first a bit

          1. It’s fun, but we could live without it? And, unlike football, maybe basketball, soccer does not need it to recruit.

          2. Much conversation and opinion of how to fix/reduce scheduling on this thread from about three weeks ago.
            Much centered around the two divisions within EBAL.
            Can we get to 16-20 game season with proper rest/recovery before US Soccer/DA forbid their players from HS participation?
            This year seems to have been thrown together without much thought. Something that makes sense especially with the planned state championship has to be worked out by next year.
            30 games is far to many in an 85 day window of time!

            1. Not sure everyone would go for this, or if there is some magic number of games you have to have for MaxPreps, rankings etc..

              But for EBAL you could have all teams play each other once for 9 games (alternate home away each year)
              Then add 6 “good” out of league matches to give the NCS something to compare and you have a 15 game season – which I think is plenty and will help keep the kids healthy, less impact to school work, enjoy the holidays, dances etc… (all important stuff I think)

              Now you even have room for a league playoff if you like, top 4 teams and/or this new postseason stuff.

              1. That sounds spot on!

                I would also add that the Sections, Regionals and State need to coordinate so that there is no “dead” week like North Coast Section had; they were finished with their Section Championship and Central Coast and others were a week later.

      2. Coming from the boys side, here. This is the first year NorCal is doing this, so they do need to work the bugs out.

        Also, I don’t know if this is as true on the girls’ side, and my answer may be broader than the original question, but HS soccer provides youth who do not have access to pay for play a place to play soccer in a rewarding environment.

        1. It is tough to believe but talking with friends that have been through this and know more about the process than I, say that a good majority of top girls soccer recruits are committed in their freshman and sophomore year of high school.
          So I guess that one way to see a top recruit play versus 2 or 3 year older players (including those already committed D1 players) is watching high level HS programs (like we have locally) playing head to head for a few months over the winter.
          HS is not DA or ECNL, but If you can stand out versus older D1 commits, you probably somehow check another box on that D1 profile? I have seen some great younger HS talent this year and I am very interested to see if my mental notes on some of these players will translate into big D1 opportunities?
          See a great player and then find out she’s only a freshman or sophomore!

          1. I agree – HS soccer is a good sample of what college might be like. A lot of younger kids come into HS from club soccer with a reputation for speed, strength or size etc.. only to find it to be quite different when running against 18 year olds and not 15 year olds in their club environment (parents are also enlightened:) So HS soccer can be a good training ground for these players to see how they adjust mentally and modify their game to still find a way to contribute when the cannot just run by everyone with speed. On the boys side, this plays a big role, as you will rarely see freshman boys on top level EBAL HS teams… seems on the girl’s side it is not that uncommon to have a freshman on varsity for some schools.

    1. Mitty appears to have beaten Foothill 4-0. (It was not posted, but it appeared after hitting the “details” button.)

      I don’t want to say Cal High could have done better, but…I think I just did. Sorry, my bias leaking out.

        1. Thanks for the thoughts.

          Cal High, like any team is capable of a “stinker,” but I like to think they have both some defensive grit AND some offensive firepower. I did not see both from Foothill.

    2. Just left Davis game. Davis possessed ball entire game. Carondelet took advantage of two mistakes by the Davis defense including a ball thru the keepers hands. Can be a cruel game!! Congrats to Davis on a great year.

    1. Mitty 4 Foothill 0
      Mtn View 1 Granite Bay 1, GB wins 4-2 in Penalties
      MV 6 Palo Alto 0

      From my friends at games:

      Mitty and MV dominated and games weren’t close.
      Mountain View was in control all the way through but GB had a very good defense. Mtn View missed many chances to take the lead but couldn’t find the finishing touch. GB scored with 15 left and Mtn View tied it with 6 left and had 2 more chances to win it.

      Mitty vs MV final. MV 3-1.

      1. Cat, do you not have friends at CHS?
        I just heard the news of the CHS victory up at Davis. Well done girls! I am not surprised.
        I did not see the game, but I heard from my friend that you were in control most of the 80 minutes.
        Anybody that was there that can provide details?
        I also heard the Cougs were down two key players, big starting back due to that 1 game NCS finals suspension, and an illness with one of the scorers?
        Hoping it’s a quick recovery for her and I assume it will be very good to have your center back in there again.
        Very proud of the way you rise and deal with adversity.
        Too bad the committee put CHS, MV, and Davis on the same side?
        I will be there Thursday night.
        11v11 this time! Good luck.
        Go Cougs!

        1. CHS did not have control for most of the 80 minutes. DHS actually possessed for majority of the game. CHS finished on both opportunities they had on mistakes by DHS backline and keeper. Yes a shame that those three teams were all on same side of bracket. Great game and year for both teams.

          1. Hate to beak it to both Davis and CHS fans; neither team “dominated” this game. CHS had 12 shots (7 sog), Davis had 10 shots (5 sog). It was simply a good game by two good teams. Davis owned the first 15 min with possession and attacks. They scored on a CHS miscue on a corner kick (I call not marking the starting WNT attacking mid a miscue). It was a good finish but far to easy. CHS took control of the mid point of the half with high pressure in the Davis side that had them reeling and scored on a high shot with velocity that found its way through the Keeper’s hands. Enough said. 1-1. Both teams traded attacks and counter attacks the rest of the half. Davis pressured with a high back-line and an errand touch on a tough ball to handle opened the door for the talented CHS forward to make them pay for this strategy. Lost in the banter on this thread is her composure as she split 2 defenders and slotted far post to beat the goalie. Sure there was a mistake but it was a great finish. 1-2 CHS. As one would expect, the second half saw Davis come out hard and push for the equalizer. CHS played more conservative and defensively; as you would expect. Davis probably possessed more in the second half and created some nice opportunities but CHS was never ‘dominated’ and had opportunities of their own on several counter attacks. Both teams played well. Both teams played hard and should be commended on a good game. There were several cool moments where Davis WNT mid was shooting on CHS WNT Goalie… these two know and respect each other well; another great example of the life lessons sports teach our kids. The game was well officiated and the outcome was fair. I do believe the committee did an injustice putting these three (MV as well) on the same side of the bracket. Davis and MV should have had the 1 and 2 seed while someone else had to deal with the dangerous CHS 5 seed. Congrats to both Cougars and Blue Devils for an outstanding year (Davis first loss in a long time…)

            1. SMA, thanks for the recap. I feel like I was there.
              Looking forward to Thursday and these two horses full strength and head to head 11 vs 11.

        2. Nope 🙂

          Enjoy the game tomorrow. It should a fun game to see with many great players on the field. If anyone has their whole team intact after 25 games in 3 months, they have some magic going for them!

  5. Tragic and fundamentally unfair that Ygnacio Valley, #12 seed in D3, and Cardinal Newman, #4 seed in D4, have spots in NorCal over California and Montgomery.

    A new NCS rule needs to be implemented next year to fix this glaring problem: If a finalist backs out from an automatic bid to NorCal, NCS needs to pick the best available semifinalist as a replacement. NorCal is all about competitive strength, so when a finalist backs out, NCS should be sending the strongest available semifinalist, period. Replacement should not be a lottery, with a team getting lucky that they simply lost to a team that cannot participate, etc.

    1. Montgomery should be in. Tragic injustice.

      Cal should be but taking 4 from the ebal is pushing it. I’m not too worked up over that one.

        1. Palo Alto was a automatic bid. 4 from ccs open division make it due to being a top division based on strength for ccs and not shool size per their bylaws. First part could be true but not 2nd part

      1. I get the Foothill selection over Cal High and I am getting over it.

        Some odd things were apparently happening at Cal High, but I have NOT heard ANYTHING about Cal High refusing. Quite the contrary.

  6. Palo vs. MV
    Palo has some GDA and ecnl players but will find MV too tough to handle with all those D1 recruits. MV 2-0.

    Carondolet vs. Davis
    It’s going to take a monumental effort for C-let to overcome an older D1 filled Davis team. 3-0 Davis.

    Granite Bay vs. Mtn View
    Mtn View is loaded and dominated possession vs. Mitty but lost. Not this time. Mtn View 2-1.

    Arch Bishop vs. Foothill
    They tied 1-1 earlier which gives foothill hope but with plenty of rest Mitty will overcome and win 2-0.

    Round 2
    MV vs. Davis. Davis’ MF is superior featuring WNT starters who are older and stronger. MV likes to possess but will have trouble for the first time against a team that will match up well against them in every position. If both teams play their best Davis wins 1-0.

    Mountain vs. Arch Bishop
    Mtn View lost 1-0 but it out possessed Mitty. Mtn View will get revenge and prevail in penalties.

    Davis vs. Mtn View. In the end talent trumps and Davis has the most talent. 1-0 in a great match.

    1. Solid guesses.

      -I think Carondalet will keep it closer vs Davis. 2-1 Davis
      -As you said Mtn View could have easily won CCS final over Mitty but Granite Bay played Davis very tough so they must be pretty good. The long drive could be challenging as well on a weekday. 2-1 Mtn View
      -Monte Vista will be miles above Palo Alto. There is a very small number of ECNL/GDA kids. 4-0 MV
      -Although Mitty and Foothill tied 1-1 earlier I heard Mitty was clearly stronger. 2-1 Mitty

      Davis vs MV will be a wild one and a shame it’s the semi’s. 2-1 MV
      Mtn View vs Mitty in a rematch. Mtn View takes their chances this game. 2-1 Mtn View

      Monta Vista is too powerful and athletic. 2-0 MV

      1. Same Tuesday night drive for the Cougs as back on November 28, but this time let’s grab a different outcome!
        You can play with anybody.
        Hope to see you back in Danville on Thursday night!
        Unfortunate red card in NCS, but quite an effort for the last 60 min against arguably the #1 team in the country. Thought you had it tied at 2-2 with 18 to go!
        Good luck tomorrow evening girls!
        Go Cougs!

  7. Not much respect shown by committee to Sac-Joaquin section. Only 2 teams with Davis at 4 setting up Round II match with MV.

  8. Well, the results are in. My personal disappointment aside, good luck to each of the eight teams.

    It is odd, however, Davis is a #4 seed. I have heard from many that they, along with MV, are the team to beat?

    1. I agree. Odd Davis the 4. Only thing I can somewhat make out is they view their SOS must lower then Mitty/Mountain View in CCS. Even still, Davis is loaded

      1. Too bad MV or Davis will be bounced in the second round.

        Palo Alto was 13-5 and got blown out late in the season to mtn View and arch bishop. They did not deserve to go.

        I am disappointed in the bracketing.

        Foothill has a shot. They tied Mitty 1-1 early in the season.

        I’m seeing a Davis v.s. MTN View final.

  9. Davis wins and goes undefeated.

    1) Davis
    2) Monte Vista
    3) Arch Bishop Mitty
    4) Mountuan View
    5) Folsom
    6) Carondolet
    7) Granite Bay
    8) Foothill

    This makes sense. Pits sac vs. the Bay Area.

    Foothill @ Davis
    Granite Bay @ MV
    Carondolet @ Arch Bishop
    Mtn View @ Folsom

    Prediction :
    Davis vs. Mtn View
    Arch Bishop vs. MV

    Davis vs. MV


    1. Good stuff. Granite bay must be above Folsom because they beat them 2x and went further in sections. I’d flip them and I think you could have it right. Pleasant Grove may get in over Folsom though . From what I understand the CIF aren’t really full on soccer people deciding all this. You’re likely to see some Head scratchers

  10. Folsom and Pleasant Grove are both ranked higher than Cal.

    @law – the committee can not just look at ratings as we know the ebal was a much stronger league.
    If they did look only at max preps, Cal and foothill would be OUT and 4 teams form sac would be in.

    1. Rio americano has only one loss and thy are D3. I will assume they will be selected. Branson will move to D3. Woodland who beat Rio is also D3. Will make for an interesting D3 playoff.

      Monty will go D2. For sure. Just too good not to be included.

      Again the final 2 spots come down to Foothill, CAL, Folsom and Pleasant Grove.

      I know there’s debate over whether Foothill or Cal go. I do wonder if they will look at Mountain vs. Valley champs. Foothill did capture the Valley so they have that in their hip pocket.

      Case for foothill – beat Carondolet and tied Mitty (both are in the elite 8). This Also won the Valley League Championship.

      Case for CAL – tied MV and have slightly better SOS than Foothill.

      @ Angel and Law—-I think the case for Foothill looks better.

      1. I think that’s fair.

        I would give slight edge to Foothill for 1 of the 2 at large bids. The other I’m guessing is a sac team vs Monty. While sac may be tough competition, Monty record is impressive. Hard to guess what may occur but we’ll keep trying!

        1. Here is my–personal–take. (I am convinced Cal High is a better team than Foothill. I saw them play and it was not close on a number of levels.) Foothill got their break in being made the #2 seed in the NCS play-offs, viz, they did not have to play MV, and Foothill did not take advantage of it. This time, IF IT IS BETWEEN THE TWO, I think Cal High should get the benefit of the doubt and let’s see if they can take advantage of the opportunity.

          1. The issue with that thought is assuming committee saw the games played. That won’t be the case so all they will go off is results of the 2 teams. The distinction must be based solely on results. They have handful of common opponents so comparing those 2 much easier than doing so with CAL vs Folsom for example. Only 2 more days and we can see where the dust settles.

            1. Law you might be right but the committee more than likely never saw either team play. That’s how I’m looking at it.

              A third team IS going as the ebal is the toughest league in CA, bar none. Whoever goes will almost certainly play Davis. That’s a long drive to get pounded into submission by a team more stacked than MV. Maybe it’s a blessing not to be selected. I do believe Foothill would be more equipped to defensively hold them off and pray it goes to penalties.

            2. ebal, below, and Wildcat , above, I know you are both right. In fact, I said to another Cal High parent after the Foothill tie: “This result may well come back to haunt us big time and nobody from a seeding committee will have the benefit of seeing this match.” That is why I wrote that it is “personal” for me. I completely understand why one might chose Foothill. But for me–personally–given what I saw, I will be disappointed, but not surprised, if Cal High does not get the nod.

      2. I still think the SOS will give Cal the advantage, although small but significant.
        Either way both teams are good selections.

        1. In the CCS final Mitty beat Mountain View 1-0. I actually watched this game via an online stream. Mountain View was the better team but Mitty is very athletic and play direct. A combo that’s difficult to beat. lMitty likely the 3 seed and I’m thinking Mountain View the 4 based on their total body of work and losing a close game to Mitty. Carondalet in the running form the 4 possibly but too many losses and ties I believe. Maybe Granite bay?

  11. Was looking for the Oakland Section playoff bracket the other day and discovered something bizarre. Oakland is allowing what basically amount to JV teams to play against Varsity teams in “varsity” contests and in the playoffs. For example, one of the semifinals today is Oakland Tech vs. Oakland Tech II at (you guessed it) Oakland Tech.

    Don’t kid yourself, Oakland Tech II is the Oakland Tech JV team.

    So if Oakland Tech II wins, will they allow the Oakland Tech rostered players to “play up” in the Final? And vice versa? What a joke.

    1. Agree. They really shouldn’t have a team in nor cal’s. The SF section winner each year Lowell is at least a decent respectable team where in d4 is competitive.

  12. What is the format?

    Is someone in a position to explain the format of the NORCAL tournament to me? Is there a single division? Multiple divisions? Under whose auspices is the tournament[s] being run?

    Where can one find the schedule, draw?

    1. There will be 4 divisions of 8 teams each based on strength. The committee meets Sunday and should be posted online that evening.

      Quarters are 3/6, semis 3/8, and finals 3/10. High seed will host each game.

      All info you need is at that site for nor cals.

  13. If what folks are saying below is true, about Analy and Piedmont turning down their bids to NorCal, NCS should consider ALL semifinalists (all 4 divisions) as possible replacements, not just those from D3 and D4. If YV gets an automatic bid to NorCal over Cal, Foothill and Monty, that would be a massive joke and throw NCS into major disrepute. NCS needs to think long and hard before they act on this one, not just replace one D3 finalist with a D3 semifinalist and same for D4.

    1. And Newman, which lost twice to Monty in league, should not get a spot in NorCal over Monty. Both reached the semifinals, so both should be comsidered in their relative strengths, and same for Cal and Foothill

    2. I think they will have to look at the rule book closely on the one. I believe some really good D1 teams will be left out. I feel pretty good about Monty being included.

      For the first year, with teams opting out, CIF Should select the best 8 teams for D1 and tier it down based on strength not divison. ALL of these teams has their chance in their respective championships. Now it’s time to find out who is the BEST.

      For NCS D2:
      Maria Carillo, Livermore and Monty as the wildcard.
      To Include Monty you almost have to keep Branson at D3 because if you bring them into D2 you’ll leave out some good SAC and CCS teams.

      NCS D3:
      Campo, Branson ( takes Analy’s spot). Although I think Branson would be great for D2 it just makes more sense for them to fill the void for Analy and allows room for Monty at D2.

    3. I think it’s a done deal with Newman and YV getting those spots. I do agree it should go to the best teams but doesn’t seem to be the case. I think Branson is good enough to be in d2 but likely d3 is my guess with so many other teams . through nor cal to seed who have done well also. With all this being new, naturally there will be some growing pains. I feel bad for the committe who has to compare a sac area team vs NCS or ccs with no common opponents. How do you realistically do that? Flip a coin 🙂

  14. Nor Cal’s will be purely seeded on strength, not school size. I would guess Branson is d2. Not quite strong enough for D1.

    In the CCS section, too 4 from Open division makes not cal’s. Palo Alto and Sobrato included. I like EBAL’s top division predictions and imagine pretty accurate. I could see Carondalet being 5. While their schedule is tough, handful of losses and ties could hurt seeding a bit. Will be very interesting what it looks like come Sunday tonight. D1 will be stacked! That’s for sure

    1. Davis, Granite Bay, MV, Carondolet, Moutain View and Arch Bishop have all qualified. That leaves two spots.

      Pleasant Grove
      Palo Alto
      CAL High

      are all in the running for CIF. One would think one team will come from the EBAL for sure.

      Folsom has the highest state ranking of the 5 so I think they will be selected, plus the barely lost to DAVIS while Palo was beat very bad by Arch Bishop. Will be tough call and some unhappy kids.

      1. While Cal High is no world beater, if they get edged-out by Foothill, I think it will be a shame. I know I sound like a “broken record,” but Cal High played a tougher schedule, and, despite their head-to-head tie, Cal High dominated Foothill in that match-up. Finally, Cal High played pretty well against a great MV team in their semi-final. They lost 2-0, but missed a PK and had one off the iron.

          1. I think it’s very close between cal and foothill. Both have some nice results and 1-2 so so ones. I don’t think you can argue much whoever gets in. Guessing other at large is Monty or rio americano

      2. EBAL. To make it clear there is no guarantee who gets put into d1. Should Carondalet make it? Most likely but committee will look at the body of work during whole season, not ONLY being a finalist. It seems like you think if a team makes a certain final, it’s automatic they are in d1 of nor cal’s That’s not an automatic since an actual committee needs to make that decision. Of course, it’s a good bet your right with whose in d1 for sure based on strength.

        Would the Fresno area champion not get in over an at large team? I know strength wise we assume a NCS, Sac or CCS option is better but it’s hard to say NO to the top champion of a decent sized section if they have one really well record wise.

        1. Yes it’s an assumption the finalists go through. For D1 I am confident they will all make it. D2 and below I’m very uncertain.

          The cal , Foothil debate. i’ve Already given my reason for why Foothil should be selected over Cal. However the committee who likely has never watch either team
          Will go based on data. If they look at overall max preps data then cal high goes. If the look at the last 10 games Foothill Goes.
          But maybe neither go and they chose Folsom and an at large CCS team. Who knows ?

          1. No at large from ccs is allowed. Only the 6 that qualify. Down to Folsom, rio A, foothill, cal, and Monty I think

  15. What to do with Branson.

    Branson won D4 and has been a sitting at #2 in all of NCS.

    Do they play at D1 and take the at large spot? Wouldn’t a MV vs. Branson 1st round game be filled with intrigue?

    I think it’s more reasonable to promote Branson to at least D3 or D2 to spice things up. Piedmont would also be a candidate to love to D3. Those two were heads and shoulders above all d4 competition.

    Monty was a great team that just ran into a hot livemore team and a great mustang coach. If they would have won D2 they would most certainly would have been considered as a D1 candidate.

    So with that being said would Branson or Monty be better teams to play D1 than CAL or Foothill.

    IMO, promoting Branson to D1 would be intriguing. Then sending Foothill or CAL to D2 would spice up the D2 group.

    For CIF IMO you want the best tiered competition based on how good a team is not how many people are at the school.

    1. Great points. Also, Analy definitely should be placed in Division 4. Toward end of season and in playoffs, it became apparent that D4 teams had better quality overall than D3 teams.

      Not sure about Campo. Their Final win was convincing so perhaps they stay in D3 for NorCal.

      Possible D4 pool:

      OAL winner
      SF section winner
      Lowest ranked SJS team
      CCS D2 Champion (lowest ranked CCS team)
      3 lowest ranked Northern Section teams (out of 6 total)

      This would be the only division where NS teams get a home game. D1 to D3 they should be in the bottom 4 seeds.

    2. Also, putting Branson in D1 would mean a “one and done” for them. Excellent team no doubt, but really do not have the strength, power and height of the true D1 teams. Nor the depth on the bench— only 300 kids in the school. The draws against Tam (x2) and Piedmont, and being held scoreless by Newman for 79 minutes are indicators— if they had beaten these teams by multiple goals, maybe a different viewpoint.

      1. Had you been at the Branson v Cardinal game, or the Branson v Piedmont game, you would have seen how unlucky Branson was not to score a couple more goals in each. Some fantastic goalkeeping and hard-luck finishing kept those games in doubt…

        With that said, no, they don’t have the quality/depth of the D1 teams like Monte Vista, Carondelet, Foothill and the like, and likely are not quite at the level overall of the D2 qualifiers, nor do they claim to be.

        I would think possibly low D2, or more likely high D3, is where they should be. Ranking them fifth in NCS, behind Monte Vista, Carondelet, Maria Carillo, and Livermore would be more than fair. If/when an at-large comes from NCS, Branson would likely move down to the 6th seed from NCS, which would likely assure them of a D3 spot.

        Branson has had another fantastic season, and have some real quality, but there is still a gap between them and the D1 powerhouses.

        Also, as a note, Piedmont is not attending NorCals. Cardinal Newman has replaced them.

  16. 1. DAVIS (undefeated)
    2. MV
    3. Mountain View – will flip with Mitty if they lost them
    4. Arch Bishop Mitty
    5. Granite Bay
    6. Carondolet
    7. Pleasant Grove
    8. CAL High or Foothill

    Projected ROUND 1
    Davis vs. CAL High or Foothill
    Arch Bishop Mitty vs. Granite Bay
    Monte Vista vs. Pleasant Grove
    Carondolet vs. Mountain View

  17. Mountain View is in the CCS final. CIF berth for sure at 21-1

    Palo Alto plays Arch Bishop tonight. If Arch Bishop wins it helps CAL High and Foothill’s chances.

    1. Both Mitty and Mountain View win BIG Tuesday night. Helps EBAL squads. Palo Alto in mix for at-large but got pounded tonight which could hurt them.

  18. If NCS gets a wildcard entry, then there will have to be at least 3 NCS teams in one division, but if NCS ends up with only 8 teams, that would be the question. For example, could Branson be moved up to Division 3, leaving only Piedmont in Division 4?

  19. Here’s all that is in the CIF handbook on how CIF will pick and seed the teams. It’s not very detailed and leaves a lot to the imagination (call it a “low transparency” approach):

    Divisional placement of teams in the Northern California Regional Tournament will be based on rankings provided by each Section at the conclusion of their playoffs. Teams in the Northern California Regional Tournament may be moved to a different division than the one in which they participated in during their section playoffs. Final division placement for the CIF NorCal Regional Soccer Championships is the responsibility of the seeding committee.

    ENTRIES – Seeding Procedures
    Central Coast 6
    North Coast 8
    Northern 6
    Oakland 1
    Sac-Joaquin 8
    San Francisco 1
    At-Large 2

    CIF NorCal Regional Soccer will consist of eight team brackets in Divisions I-IV for both Boys and Girls.

    1. So as I read this, CIF could end up putting 3 or 4 NCS teams in the same division. It all depends on how good they think the teams are. But perhaps I am reading it too skeptically.

      1. Hard to know, but I think they won’t take school size into account at all and NCS, SJ (San Joaquin) and CCS will be heavily concentrated in the upper divisions. For example, there are going to be six teams from the Northern Section (way up north – Redding and the like), and their MaxPreps ratings are all very low. Similarly, the 1 Oakland Section team and the 1 SF section team will probably be down in division IV as well.

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