Girls Soccer: Semifinals, Updated Rankings, Standings, Stats

Girls Soccer: Semifinals, Updated Rankings, Standings, Stats

It’s been an entertaining first two rounds… Which teams will reach the NCS finals and ensure a date in the NorCal Tournament?

Division I
An all-EBAL semifinals means an all-EBAL final. Can anyone slow down the Monte Vista express? Cal, the one EBAL team to do so, drawing 0-0 with them early in the league season, gets their chance again. Meanwhile, Carondelet and Foothill have looked very good in their first two matches, beating good teams rather soundly.

Division II
The NBL lurks on either side of the bracket. Can Livermore stop the mighty Montgomery side? Can Redwood pull off another road upset to get Maria Carrillo out of the final? It’s unfortunate that Tam and Redwood had to draw each other so early, and one had to go out, but it is the Giants that remain with a chance to represent the MCAL. Same can be said for Las Lomas, another good team that ran into a buzzsaw in the Cowboys of the EBAL.

Division III
The darkhorse of the tournament is in Division III. YV, a #12 seed, is in the semis. After two upsets, will need to pull their biggest of all, traveling all the way to Sebastopol to face top-seeded Analy. The other side has gone according to plan, with the No. 2 & 3 seed coming together in an interesting matchup. Campo survived the DAL gauntlet and remains standing while battle-tested Kennedy-Fremont looks to represent the MVAL.

Division IV
The question all season long is whether anyone can stop Branson. Cardinal Newman gets the next chance. The Bulls will look to reach the NCS finals once again. On the other side, Piedmont has looked like the top challenger all year, but has a stiff challenge with Sonoma Academy.


Updated rankings, for what they are worth.

1. Monte Vista 20-1-1
2. Branson 20-0-2
3. Foothill 12-1-9
4. Carondelet 16-5-4
5. California 13-4-5
6. Montgomery 19-1-1
7. Amador Valley 13-5-4
8. San Ramon Valley 8-4-8
9. Clayton Valley 16-1-8
10. Tamalpais 19-2-3
11. Livermore 12-6-4
12. Redwood 16-5-0
13. Maria Carrillo 16-2-1
14. Dublin 10-6-5
15. Las Lomas 13-5-1
16. Piedmont 14-3-2
17. Liberty 14-6-0
18. Northgate 13-4-2
19. Heritage 12-6-0
20. Analy 17-2-3
21. Logan 11-4-3
22. Newark 16-3-2
23. Kennedy-Fremont 15-4-2
24. Campolindo 11-7-1
25. Cardinal Newman 13-9-0


Marin Academy (10-7-1, 7-2-1) 22
Urban (9-7-3, 6-2-2) 20
Head-Royce (7-6-3, 5-2-3) 18
University (6-7-4, 3-4-3) 12
Lick-Wilmerding (2-7-5, 2-4-4) 10
St. Joseph-Notre Dame (1-10-1, 0-9-1) 1

Heritage (12-6-0, 8-2-0) 24
Liberty (14-6-0, 8-2-0) 24
Freedom (9-6-4, 7-2-1) 22
Deer Valley (8-10-1, 4-5-1) 13
Antioch (2-15-3, 1-9-0) 3
Pittsburg (7-17-0, 1-9-0) 3

Foothill Division
Las Lomas (13-5-1, 9-0-1) 28
College Park (10-8-3, 6-4-0) 18
Campolindo (11-7-1, 5-4-1) 16
Miramonte (8-13-1, 5-5-0) 15
Alhambra (9-10-2, 2-6-2) 8
Acalanes (3-14-2, 0-8-2) 2
Valley Division
Northgate (13-4-2, 8-0-2) 26
Clayton Valley (16-1-8, 7-0-3) 24
Berean Christian (9-7-4, 3-3-4) 13
Ygnacio Valley (9-6-2, 4-5-1) 13
Concord (5-11-4, 2-6-2) 8
Mt. Diablo (9-14-1, 0-10-0) 0

Mountain Division
Monte Vista (20-1-1, 12-0-1) 37
Carondelet (16-5-4, 6-4-3) 21
California (13-4-5, 5-4-4) 19
San Ramon Valley (8-4-8, 4-3-6) 18
Dougherty Valley (3-14-1, 0-13-0) 0
Valley Division
Foothill (12-1-9, 4-1-8) 20
Amador Valley (13-5-4, 5-4-4) 19
Livermore (12-6-4, 5-5-3) 18
Dublin (10-6-5, 3-5-5) 14
Granada (4-11-2, 3-8-2) 11

Branson (20-0-2, 13-0-1) 40
Tamalpais (19-2-3, 12-0-2) 38
Redwood (16-5-0, 11-3-0) 33
Drake (12-6-5, 5-5-4) 19
Marin Catholic (9-9-1, 6-7-1) 19
Terra Linda (10-10-0, 6-8-0) 18
Novato (5-8-4, 3-8-3) 12
San Rafael (8-11-4, 3-8-3) 12
San Marin (4-13-5, 1-8-5) 8
Justin-Siena (0-14-4, 0-12-2) 2

Logan (11-4-3, 11-0-3) 36
Newark Memorial (16-3-2, 11-1-2) 35
Kennedy (15-4-2, 9-3-2) 29
Moreau Catholic (9-4-4, 7-3-4) 25
Irvington (10-9-1, 6-7-1) 19
American (3-15-1, 2-12-0) 6
Mission San Jose (4-15-1, 2-12-0) 6
Washington (1-18-0, 1-13-0) 3

Montgomery (19-1-1, 13-0-1) 40
Maria Carrillo (16-2-1, 12-1-1) 37
Cardinal Newman (13-9-0, 7-7-0) 21
Casa Grande (9-10-0, 7-7-0) 21
Ukiah (11-9-3, 7-7-0) 21
Santa Rosa (9-10-0, 5-9-0) 15
Windsor (7-11-2, 4-10-0) 12
Rancho Cotate (0-20-0, 0-14-0) 0

Analy (17-2-3, 12-1-1) 37
Sonoma Academy (16-4-2, 12-2-0) 36
Petaluma (16-5-2, 10-2-2) 32
Sonoma Valley (9-9-1, 8-5-1) 25
El Molino (7-12-0, 5-9-0) 15
Piner (5-12-1, 3-9-1) 10
Elsie Allen (4-17-0, 2-12-0) 6
Healdsburg (0-17-0, 0-14-0) 0

Rock Division
Pinole Valley (14-5-1, 9-0-1) 28
El Cerrito (11-5-4, 8-1-1) 25
Albany (10-8-1, 6-4-0) 18
St. Mary’s (8-8-0, 4-6-0) 12
Salesian (1-9-1, 1-8-1) 4
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (3-11-1, 0-9-1) 1
Stone Division
De Anza (11-7-0, 8-0-0) 24
Richmond (7-15-0, 6-2-0) 18
Hercules (3-13-2, 3-4-1) 10
Swett (4-10-2, 2-5-1) 4
Kennedy (1-15-0, 0-8-0) 0

Foothill League
Piedmont (14-3-2, 7-1-2) 23
Castro Valley (10-5-5, 5-2-3) 18
Bishop O’Dowd (6-10-2, 5-3-2) 17
Berkeley (5-8-9, 3-1-6) 15
Arroyo (7-12-1, 2-7-1) 7
Mt. Eden (4-13-1, 1-9-0) 3
Shoreline League
Hayward (7-5-3, 7-0-3) 24
Alameda (7-10-4, 6-2-2) 20
San Leandro (11-4-8, 4-1-5) 17
Encinal (5-6-5, 3-3-4) 13
Tennyson (6-14-3, 2-6-2) 8
San Lorenzo (0-16-2, 0-10-0) 0

Redwood Christian (0-10-1)


Agostino, Alhambra 25
Romero, Livermore 24
Gonzalez, Maria Carrillo 24
Day, Branson 23
Brien, Piedmont 22
Tshimbalanga, Carondelet 21
Brinkman, Freedom 20
Jones, Branson 19
Edelman, MV 19
Fuentes, Newark 19
Halford, RW 19
Burton, EC 18
Prosnitz, Branson 16
N. Trucco, Cal 16
Safarians, CP 16
Bradley, LL 16
Murillo, Logan 16
Hazelwood, Pinole 16
Watridge, RW 16

Jones, Branson 19
Prosnitz, Branson 19
M. Dillon, Branson 17
Dejjkic, MV 16
Halford, RW 16
Ospeck, Carondelet 16
A. Dillon, Branson 15
Van Pelt, EC 15
Fuentes, Newark 14
Burton, EC 13
Day, Branson 12

105 thoughts on “Girls Soccer: Semifinals, Updated Rankings, Standings, Stats

  1. Championship: MV 3 Carondolet 0.

    Well, it was a courageous effort by Carondolet, but, at the end of the day, the favorite won. A wire-to-wire finish for MV.

    Beautiful day for soccer. The game started robust. But, a deliberate handball in the box quickly changed the complexion of the game. The balance of the game was–likely–completely altered by this occurrence. (Personally, I think MV would have prevailed in any event.) Not only did the foul result in a penalty kick goal for MV, it resulted in the ejection of a Carondolet player. So, Carondolet goes down by one goal and is a player down. That is a TOUGH scenario from which to recover.

    Then, it got worse for Carondolet. MV had a break where there player just out-muscled the Carondolet defender. 2-0 Carondolet.

    Still, Carondolet did not give up and even pressed. They scored on a goal where the ball passed in front of the net and went in after being touched by the MV keeper. My friend thought the ball would NOT have gone if the keeper had not tried to make a play on it. I am not so sure.

    MV’s third goal evades me after two pints at Three Sheets. (Those of you that like beer MUST try this place.) But, that was that.

    Two good teams. I think MV would have won regardless, but when the Carondolet player went out? For all practical purposes…it was over.

  2. 2nd half

    36th minute MC attack up left side, nice ball back from goal line toward near post, #4 beats her defender to ball. Redirected perfectly into roof of net inside left post. 1-0 MC

    1. MC defending desperately, packing it in. Liv getting lots of sniffs on goal, MC GK very active.

      Liv chip just over bar, 65th min

      1. MC defenders in right place, right time so far

        Foul by MC 40 yards out. Shot thru traffic, cleared for CK

        CK ends with ball across face of goal, three Liv attackers couldn’t get to it

            1. 1 minute stoppage and done. MC hangs on for win. Lots of ref controversy in last 10-15 minutes but they survived. Solid GK play.

              Congrats to Maria Carrillo!

  3. My CIF projetions assuming no upsets in the remaining playoffs:

    *1. Monte Vista 21-1-1
    2. Mountain View 20-1
    3. Arch Bishop 18-1-2
    4. Davis 20-0-4
    5. Pleasant Grove 19-2-2
    6. Carondolet 17-5-4

    My guess is the EBAL, being largest and best league in America will qualify a 3rd team. Either CAL High or Foothill. CAL is ranked 17 in the state, Foothill 26. This ranking includes all divisions. I believe they will take Foothill. Foothill went 1-1 vs. C-let, CAL went 0-2…….CAL tied MV, FH tied Arch Bishop= PUSH. CAL’s rating is slightly better at 23.2 and FH at 22.2 but this really is negligible.

    Last spot will go to:

    Granite Bay 16-2-2
    Folsom 14-2-3
    Palo Alto 12-4-2

    Final four for sac is:
    Davis vs. Folsom
    Granite vs. Pleasant Grove

    If a team makes the finals in the other regions, clearly Foothill will not be selected and the favorite that was upset will go.

    1. Since 3 of the 4 semi finalists came from the EBAL Mountain Division, one could argue that it was tougher for California and therefore I believe California should be given the nod over Foothill.

      1. Lol. You’re reaching on that one. But yes it would be conceivable that Cal could be chosen. Could come down to examing who was playing the best soccer in the last 10 games.

    1. Great opportunity for MC, ball slotted in from left, MC 10 with shot from Pmark, saved by Liv GK

      Now from right side, great run around d along goal line, out for CK. And then out again for another MC CK. Shot over crossbar
      28th minute

    2. 38th min, 0-0, now MC with extended possession in Liv half

      MC #4 getting to balls before Liv defenders, but they are keeping her in front f them

    1. 1 minute into stoppage, Campo #2 GK gets in game

      3 minutes of stoppage and done.

      Analy 0-3 Campo. Congrats to Campo!

    2. Having seen Analy-EC, EC-Miramonte, EC-Alhambra, the non-Analy side of the bracket was clearly much tougher.

      Alhambra and Miramonte both had better soccer ideas than Analy and could match up with them on athleticism. Campo outdid both Miramonte and Alhambra during the season. It should come as no surprise that Campo was the better team in the final.

  4. 25th minute, Analy counter #13 gets behind defenders, Campo GK out of area, 13 tries to push ball past her, GK blocks the ball. Big decision by ref, did GK handle it? If so, should be red card and free kick from 20 out. No whistle, ref in good position to see. Couldn’t tell from here.

    1. Analy taking shots from too far out now. 13 is causing some havoc but they need to get closer in.

      Foul by Campo just outside area by corner. Kick goes across face of goal, chest high, not touch by GK or defender, bad touch by Analy attacker on far post

      Analy now with more possession in Campo half

      32nd minute now

    2. Another foul by Campo. Right in front of Analy bench, ball pumped in but wind kicks up and knocks it down

      Counter by Campo, Analy gets possession, ball ends up with GK, awful pass upfield goes straight to Campo#11. She calmly slots the ball from 20+ yards into middle of goal as GK scrambled back from left side of area

      Analy 0-3 Campo

  5. 20 in, Camp #8 from midfield regains possession and pushes ball to right, 25 yards out right side and hammers one high and over the arms of height challenged (but quick and brave) Analy GK, goal

    Analy 0-2 Campo

  6. D3 Final 2nd half

    10 mins in, neither team with a shot yet, Campo with a couple of dangerous balls into area, Analy with several promising attacks ruined by bad touches and one offside

    Campo CK, cleared for a throw

    1. Analy counter, Campo mid hanging all over her, she plays thru it and ref gives advantage but ball out for a throw

      Analy with a shot in goal from almost 30 out, easily handled

      Analy #13 with another strong counter but no help weak sog from 25+ out, never gonna beat GK with that

      Analy mids playing better this half, fighting more for 50 50 balls. But Analy doesn’t move without the ball enough

  7. Campo goal 34th minute, ball crossed in from right side, bounced and then to feet of 11, well finished Into roof of net


  8. One of my other Cal High buddies, who is a frequent contributor to this site, and I plan on being at tomorrow’s championship. Looking forward to it. It is somewhat liberating to watch with “no dog in the fight,” as I found with Cal High this season, as I am between daughters there. One graduated last year and one will start there next year.

    Then, afterward, it is on to Three Sheets in Dublin, not far from Dublin High. Hope to see some of you there.

  9. I do not mean to patronize all of you, but I love this forum and I learn so much by participating. All of you know what an idiot I am, but in a different circle of friends, I use your insights and observations–without attribution :- ) –to look like a savant. :- )

    Thanks to all of you for lively, informative and polite discussions.

    1. the forum is all in fun. I hope no one takes this too seriously.

      The real competition will begin in CIF for MV as those teams can match them at every position.

      1. We should try to find a way to keep this forum alive. There may be no way to have Matt’s insights and it may just be left to the mayhem that is the rest of us, but maybe, we can keep the site open?

        I may talk to Matt about a caretaker role without his top drawer analysis? (A 60 year-old man in charge of this forum? Yikes. Not sure I have the savvy to do even that. Still….) Sanitize the nasty, impolite posts, sweep clean all the posts every few days, etc…

  10. EBAL elimination of the two divisions?

    My wife was belly-aching about the dual divisions in EBAL and her perceived notions of the inequities they create e.g., having to play MV and Carondolet twice, while Foothill, who was seeded higher than Cal High, only played them once, I believe. (I and others happen to share SOME of that sentiment.)

    I realize why the divisions were created and a round-robin eliminated, but I think some sort of revision is due even if it means “random scheduling.”

    Your thoughts?

    1. Cal lost to Livermore and tied Dublin and Foothill. Then you got two guaranteed wins vs. Dougherty Valley, who are the door mats of the ebal.

      Perhaps your coach should be more strategic and use the last 4/5 games to let subs play so cal can can receive a more favorable seed. Bottom line is you have to beat somebody good to win a championship.

      1. sorry EBAL, but I am not following the part about playing subs in the last 4/5 game to help increase your NCS seed, what do you mean by that?

      2. That was harsh man. And from everything I know about Cal’s team which is a good amount because they are a big part of our club team, they play subs regularly and That’s why their wins and losses are all over the map. Their coach “shares the wealth” with playing time. I have watched the last couple games when our team got out and it’s never the same line up. It’s interesting strategy but maybe it makes everyone content.

          1. I think a lot of teams int he EBAL were playing lots of players every game to appease parents. I think Law was saying CAL has it tough being in the Mountain. Yes they do, but the Valley was very good this year. As stated before Valley teams had good success vs. the Mountain:

            Foothill and Amador beat Carondolet
            Dublin tied Carondolet, CAL and SRV
            Livermore beat Cal
            Everyone swept DV. 😉

            Dublin and Foothill scored on MV……C-let was the only mountain team to do this.

      3. Seeding not championship is my concern.

        How did Livermore, Dublin and Foothill do against MV, SRV and Carondolet?

        Let me help you. FOOTHILL lost to and defeated Carondolet; they lost to MV; they tied SRV. LIVERMORE lost–7-0–to MV; they lost –4-0–to SRV; and, they lost–4-0–to Carondolet. DUBLIN tied Carondolet; they lost to MV; and they tied SRV. For those counting at home, that is ten games. Of those ten games, only one was a win.

        How do you think the Valley teams would have done against the Mountain teams if they had to play them TWICE? I will share what I think. There is NO reason to believe the results would be better. I would offer that they might well be worse, because I saw both MV and SRV get better as the season progressed.

        How is it not a significant disadvantage to play both NCS finalists twice as opposed to playing them a single time? And, looking forward to next season? The MV core returns. So, we get the same thing next season with them.

        And, going forward beyond next year, when you start extolling the virtues of SRV’s, MV’s and Carondolet’s Division I commits, those in the Mountain Division will get them twice too. Is that equitable? Personally, I will trade your two games versus DVHS for playing MV, SRV and Carondolet less than two times.

        I am not talking about a championship so much as EQUITY and SEEDING. Cal High finished a point or two back of Carondolet and Foothill.
        If Cal High had played MV, SRV and Carondolet less, they might likely have made up that point or two and gotten a two or three seed, which would have allowed them to avoid MV in the semi’s and have provided a better chance to make the final. This, in turn, I believe, would give them an entry in the new NorCal tournament. Whereas now, Cal High are left to hope for one of the wild cards.

        Are you, who to the best of my recollection, touted the teams at SRV, MV and Carondolet–and, their “Division I commits”–ALL SEASON, now going to contend that the two divisions represent equity or that is likely to change anytime soon?

        Be honest. GOING FORWARD, do you really think that given the wealth that lies north on the 680 corridor and the prominence of Mustang soccer–with what I believe is a DA academy?–mean anything but that the most talented teams will continue to come out of MV, SRV and Carondolet?

        Moreover, if equity reigns, why not go with a random draw or a round robin? After all, it is YOU that continually maintain that EBAL is “the boss.” If so, why even play out of league games. Just stay at home where one finds, in your opinion, the best soccer?

        Tell me why you think the two division set-up is a good idea? (And, don’t say geography. It ain’t that far from Concord to Livermore.) Tell me why you think it equitable?

        Bottom-line? The Divisions are unbalanced and will remain so for the foreseeable future and that is inequitable. So, it should be altered.

        1. Great post Law. Unfortunately you’re responding to a guy that advocated Amador for the 3 seed over Cal and CHS…. because Cal had 2 “late season” league losses; he didn’t care that it was to MV and CHS. He didn’t care about rankings, record or SOS. You’re wasting your time. If every team played th same schedule in EBAL league, the seeding would be transparent. The current situation is ridiculous. But then we wouldn’t be privy to EBAL’s abstract rational…

          1. As the old Budweiser commercial said, “I love you man.” (Check it out on Google.) For those of us of a certain age, old, it was/is a classic.

        2. As I recall the “split” of the divisions was sold as being done to balance the divisions, add two new teams, and to limit travel (principals really wanted to limit travel, expenses, time out of class etc..).

          I know on the boys soccer side, they looked at winning percentages for the last 3 years across all the teams and strangely enough – this also aligned with North/South geography, meaning the Nothern teams (Mtn) had a historically higher winning percentage for the last three years than the Southern schools (Valley) – with the exception of Cal. The two new schools were a toss up since they had no EBAL history, so I think they deferred to geographic location.

          I don’t know if the vote was unanimous or not, but the carrot of actually being able to win one of the new EBAL league/division titles and get an NCS bid seemed pretty attractive. None of that has materialized thus far, other than the splitting of the league.

          The “plan” – also included revisiting winning percentages and have a relegation-promotion situation where would be some realignment to maintain balance. (so much for the geography angle). So at some point, all the top teams would migrate to the top league, aka Mountain Division.

          It was stated this would most likely be on a two or three-year cycle – but I would not hold my breath on that one.

          All of this makes no sense to me if there is nothing to be gained by “winning” your EBAL league/division, so if that is going to remain the plan, they should just go back to the old system.

          Although, as I have stated before, having five games to schedule against Non-EBAL teams can really be a benefit to your record if done correctly (and you win of course 🙂

        3. I thought the realignment was to reduce travel and was done so with football in mind and the good ole what to do w de la salle?

          Livermore, Amador, Foothill, Dublin, Granada are in close proximity of each other.

          And the mustang laden Danville schools, Carondolet are in close proximity with each other. CAL and DV get thrown in for being the next two closer schools.

          1. Did it really impact football? Seems like they still played everybody once this year regardless of where the school was located, so how did that help travel concerns.

            All the sports seem to have slight differences in how the “split” was handled.

            I think boys basketball just had a playoff across the two EBAL divisions, which allowed Amador to be EBAL champs, though they finished 5th in overall league standings. AV was second in the Valley Division (they had to beat DLS and Dublin in a playoff to be champs)

            A soccer playoff would be cool. Maybe skip the weird cross-division single games, and just play everyone in your division twice – then the top four teams face-off in a playoff. It would keep it exciting until the end, no-one could have the league won early, and might help to mix up who the league champion is every year.
            This would really cut down on the travel (if that is really a concern).

            1. I think before NCS ever considers balancing the ebal divisions something has to be done to make sure the BEST 16 teams make the NCS playoffs.
              Granada and DV in any other league would be have been included this year and Dublin and DV last year.

              The reality is the ebal is head and shoulders better than any league and nothing will change that in the next 20 years.

              Back to the ebal. I agree with Law that the ebal is unbalanced. Teams like Dublin and Livermore have a good team every 3-4 years but MV, C-let, SRV and Cal are consistently good. IMO there should be 1 division with 2 automatic qualifiers. Each team plays everyone 1x and the rest made up with non conference games.

              2nd- every non ebal team should be encouraged to schedule an ebal team (or playoff level non ebal team ) for NCS playoff consideration. Not doing so would jeopardize selection if that team finds themselves battling for the last 2-3 seeds.

              It’s a privilege to play in the playoffs and not a right. You have to earn it.

        4. Don’t know how much of an advantage Mustang really is. When Liberty became a powerhouse a few years, their players came from another club team. Til the crazy move of entire team from SRS to Pleasanton Soccer 10-12 years ago, SRS club was somewhat dominant for older girls in the area. Til about 6-7 years ago, SRV was on a long NCS streak, not MV. But that streak started with a crazy comeback against the excellent Foothill dream team. Even during SRV’s streak, 6 or so years ago Cal took SRV to PK’s in the semifinals and probably had the best of the play. And this year, Cal was very talented, they just ran into a a better and very steady team. Finally Livermore was very, very good last year with the two sisters playing together and Chad H. as coach. MV is on a roll now, carrying on a new winning tradition started six years ago when an almost all freshman team upset SRV despite getting outplayed and outshot. On Mustang, even now, Mustang does not play in Academy for girls, preferring to stay in ECNL so the girls can play high school and can still have some balance in their lives.

          So bottom line is: there are other good clubs and 680 dominance might be cyclic. But perhaps the point above about other high schools being great every 3-4 years while the 680 group is consistently good might be right.

          Finally Mustang ECNL teams can be pretty mixed geographically. When my daughter finished her team had 2 from Foothill, 2 from AV, 3 from San Ramon, 2 from MV, 2 from Carondelet, 1 from Dougherty, 1 from Livermore, 2 from Tracy area or beyond, and one practicing but not playing from O’Dowd. Many had been with the team for years. So Mustang was “feeding” ( I guess) many high schools in both EBAL divisions.

    2. The whole EBAL Division thing is such a mixed bag/mess in my opinion. There are pros and cons for all.

      The split was sold on the promise that since each new EBAL “Division” has 5 teams, then it qualifies as an official league, which means each league would have a champion and the champion of each of these new leagues would get an automatic NCS bid, who would not vote for that.

      Well, that turned out not to be true, and winning the division seems to be meaningless so far.

      There was also talk of promotion and demotion from one league another every two years based on winning performance, which sort of contradicting the whole geographic split to save costs on travel – which is how/why the division were supposedly created…so very soupy as to what happens next.

      As for the rankings…..this season was interesting in that just having Monte Vista, a high nationally ranked team on your schedule twice (as opposed to once if you were in the Valley Division) turned out to be an advantage. Having a team ranked 2 or 3 nationally did wonders for the Mountain Division teams Strength of Schedule in MaxPreps, which in turn helps your ranking. They did not have to seek out a team like MV, there were just on their schedule.

      One upside to the EBAL split, is that is forces EBAL teams to find more “out of league” team to play and beat to fill out their schedule. This really helps the NCS committee to make decisions come playoff time. Go play and defeat a perennial league champion from some other league during pre-season, as opposed to yet another round of EBAL teams beating up on each other with 1-0 and 0-0 games (those results don’t help the committee at all, and actually hurt EBAL teams as their losses against each other hurt the overall record).

      As for the Cal vs Foothill seeding, I think that FH was ahead of Cal in EBAL league standings . Foothill beat Corondelet, Corondelet beat Cal twice….so end of story for the committee:

      FH-2, CHS -3, Cal -4. (they only have a few hours to figure this out).

      Now would the results be the same if Foothill had to play Cal twice? who knows, but the decisions have to be made on the results at hand.

    3. Currently a team is allowed to play a maximum of 24 regular season games.
      Somebody asked, why can’t EBAL (with 10 teams) play an 18 game home and home league schedule?
      Choose 4-6 non league games and that is 22-24 games.
      My concern is that HS soccer is already under attack from many angles. Too many games and practices without enough recovery time leads to injuries.
      The new DA and US Soccer are doing everything possible to try to forbid HS participation.
      I love HS sports and hope that we do whatever possible to keep them going strong. Love to see kids playing for their school!
      We all have close friends that have watched their talented daughters suffer injuries during the HS season.
      Face it, it is a different game than club.
      I think EBAL might consider reducing games and making the current league a 9 game schedule. You get one run through the whole league rotating home and away year to year.
      Just talking soccer.
      Travel in EBAL cannot be an excuse. We are all reasonably close and games are played at 6/7pm.
      Each school could choose a max of 7 non league games. (Tri-Valley, NEPS, etc.) or strategic league leaders from the area.
      Kids and families might actually have a meaningful holiday break and get some downtime in December.
      NCS is 4 games.
      NorCal regionals are 3 games.
      And I believe next year there will be an N vs S state championship as well?
      That’s as many as 8 more games.
      So in total possibly 24 w current 10 team league or minimum of 16 if you don’t make the playoffs.
      That is plenty of games in a 80 to 110 day window!
      The teams this year that make regional finals will play as many as 28-30 games! It is no wonder DA and US soccer want to put an end to it.

      1. I totally agree, the current 24 game schedule is way too much – these kids have other lives and many limp into the playoffs – if they make it at all!

        Plus an 18 game EBAL schedule (2X9) is just physically too demanding on anyone. As suggested, lets just play 9 EBAL games and then play these other leagues to let the seeding committee have some real data to compare!

        Any chance EBAL or NCS is listening to this blog 🙂

  11. Anybody know more about the MV December 8th forfeit?
    I know they played that game contrary to valet’s earlier question.
    Heard third hand that it was some sort of an eligibility issue and that it might not be fully resolved yet?

    1. I never heard anything more on the forfeit (when I asked the same question).

      I would have thought a Monte Vista parent/fan/coach would have chimed in here on the forum to clarify what happened, unless there is more to it than we know or they want to share! 🙂

      Come on Monte Vista, ‘fess up!

      1. Bueller… Bueller… Anybody?
        Hmm. Crickets.
        Everyone is so quiet, it must be bad?
        ebal , valet, letitgo, can you get us the real story?

        1. Ok I’ll bite – who doesn’t like a good mystery.
          Someone offered earlier that they did not play the forfeited game (Alcalanes vs Monte Vista).
          Here is a link to the coin toss and about 100 photos that suggest otherwise…. maybe there is a clue in the pics 🙂

          1. Again 3rd hand I was told to read the CIF bylaws and told nothing else.
            “Might want to look into CIF bylaws and subsection (ix) discussing the SOP rule.”

            Dug a bit on that, heard there was some discussion at the EBAL coaches meeting recently, and my immediate reaction is what exactly will CIF/NCS do about all 10 of MVs games including the 3 EBAL games played before Jan 1 if there is in fact an SOP winter season transfer issue?

            I hope this does not impact the championship and that the NCS will let the players settle it out on the pitch. Both teams are certainly too good this year for the suits to interfere.
            On the other side, rules are rules, and one just need to ask Palo Alto what happened a few years ago?

  12. Question? Has anyone seen a red card given in a high school match this season?

    This question is prompted by a remark I overheard at last night’s Cal High game. The observer remarked, casually, that red cards are never–I assume he actually meant very, very seldom–given in high school soccer. I started to think about it and I thought, “He just might be right?” I have been watching varsity EBAL soccer in earnest for the last four years and, while I could be mistaken, I don’t recall seeing a single red card. I think this is odd, since high school soccer, in my opinion, is far more physical than club soccer.

    Your thoughts?

    1. I have seen 3 red cards given this year, though all in boys HS soccer, so maybe they meant it is more unlikely in girls soccer (though not unwarranted in some of the girls’ games I have seen).

      Keep in mind a second yellow is also a Red. Red cards really penalize a player, the sit out the next game and I think if you get two Red cards you are done for the season.

    2. Good observation and now that I think of it: I haven’t seen a red card (outright or two yellows) in the last 3 years of HS soccer. As LetitGo states, not because it hasn’t been warranted. I have seen numerous reds in ECNL/DA level play. HS is certainly more physical and the officiating less sophisticated… kind of a bad combination.

      1. I think the fellow was speaking of women’s soccer. And, I was referring to ejections whether for a straight red or accumulated yellows. It is, I think, somewhat interesting. As most of our observations appear to be similar.

  13. Two topics: Livermore v. Montgomery and Cal High v. MV.

    First, great stuff on the Livermore match. Boy, will I miss this site! Even when daily papers gave decent accounts of high school sports, those posting about the Livermore match out did themselves.

    MV 2 Cal High 0

    MV was the better team for the third game between the two teams. This match had much in common with the two previous matches. Like the last match, Cal High played them BETTER THAN EVEN for a prolonged–twenty minutes?–stretch in the second half, but it was not sustained and, in this match, it was too little too late as MV had a 2-0 lead.

    MV went on top 2-0 in the first half and that is the way it remained. MV scored first as a result of a ghastly Cal High giveaway deep, deep, deep in its own defensive third. The second MV goal was simply hard work and beauty.

    Cal High made it very exciting during a second half stretch that saw Cal High miss a penalty kick and hit the woodwork. (Despite being a confirmed cynic, I was actually believing in miracles during this period in the game.) Some Cal High observers thought the “woodwork shot” actually went IN the net and came back out off the metal frame on the inside of the goal. I could not tell and the AR did not give it as a goal.

    One could argue that Cal High was both too passive and too direct. (One could also argue that nothing was going to work against a team that was simply better.) Although a high line and pressing would be dangerous, it seems–to this observer–that you can’t just let MV come at you. They have too much talent. Eventually, they will “catch you slippin’ ” and then you have to “chase the game.” Also, winning the ball deep does little good, because MV’s defense is too stout and fast to let you work your way down seventy yards of soccer field, viz, you must win the ball higher up the field.

    Cal High, which is often quite direct, once again, seemed intent on going down the center a lot. This, of course, directly involved testing MV’s centerback, who was more than up to the challenge. Simply put, the player is “a wall.” (I believe she is a Michigan commit?) Nothing is getting past her. Nothing. Using the football hash marks as a line of demarcation, nothing is likely to work going there. Only the flanks offer sanctuary.

    Congratulations to Cal High on their second consecutive top four finish. One lesson learned over the past two seasons? Avoid the #4 seed! Do everything in your power to win enough league matches to avoid the EBAL #1, who is likely to be very, very tough. (This is especially true now that the two NCS finalists are going to the State/Regional Championships?)

    It should be a cracking final between two very worthy teams.

    1. Great recap!! Felt like I was there. You are so right about playing the ball to space on the flanks, many HS players/teams cannot seem to wrap their head around that concept and spend a lot of time going Route 1 into the heart of the defense.

    2. Awesome recap! Thanks Law! Good luck to all the ladies of MC and C-Let this weekend! Hoping for a fairly officiated, injury free match!

  14. Carondelet 3 1 Foothill

    Congrats to Foothill on a good game and fine season. Congrats to Cougars for making their 3rd consecutive NCS Final… no small feat.

    1. As I said, I am a fan.
      Too many CHS detractors around.
      Said it a few times early on, a 2 horse race. Looks like that worked out and now the game that actually matters kicks off at 1pm on Saturday.
      Forget the records.
      Come 3pm either the Cougs or Mustangs will be NCS Champions.
      As SMA2293 said, no small feat to the CHS Juniors and Seniors that made the finals now 3 years in a row! Well done Cougs! And made it there after losing their leading scorer (and NCS leading scorer) to injury each of those three years!
      One more game to go.
      CHS appears well prepared. Just ask Amador and FH if they noticed any difference. Heck, SOG I counted last night were 21-5 versus a very good team with only 1 loss. AND the FH keeper made at least 4-5 amazing saves!
      Should be fun to watch on Saturday.

  15. Livermore will repeat as D2 champs now. Amazing considering what they lost last year. Chad Harper should get the MVP of coaching.

    The ebal has proved once again they are the best league in America.

  16. Counter by Liv, ball put in, clearance missed and put in from only 3 yards out.

    Monty 0-1 Liv in stoppage time

    One attack for Monty, no shot, game over

  17. Turnover by Liv defender results in CK, ball pops out to unmarked attacker, shot from 20 way wide

    2 left

    And another save by Liv GK on a decent shot. Turnover and another shot goes wide from 20

  18. Monty trying to solve the D but get impatient taking shots from 20 to 25 that go out for goal kicks

    1st corner for Liv with 15 left

    Monty able to dribble at will around Liv in midfield but different story in the final 25

    Another very good save by Liv K on shot from just outside 18 with 11 left. Liv turns it over 40 yards out, Monty shoots wide from 30

    2v2 Liv counter but ball over top top heavy. Liv long throw from corner flag. Ball bounces around to 18, hard shot right at Monty GK. First sog of 2nd half for Liv, 8 left

    Now danger from Monty inside area, deflected shot and corner. Result CK bounces around, another CK. Ball to 30, back in, weak shot from 8 yards out, should have scored

    Another long throw for Liv goes into side net, 5 left

  19. Another great opp for Monty from close in, goal kick should have been corner, but got it right back. Shot from 30, Liv GK up for task

    24 left

    Lots of contact by both teams, no whistles and only fans are complaining

    Liv attack doesn’t get past 18 but some possession

    Monty shot from 35, on target and close to post but not enough

    More turnovers by Monty this half

    Another foul in midfield by Liv

    Now one by Monty . Pumped in from 60 yards out, cleared for throw

    18 left

    Long ball miscleared for CK for Monty, but again shot goes wide

  20. CK to far post, uncontested header wide

    Liv attack, Monty counter. At least Liv is now regularly getting ball past midfield

  21. Great ball over top beats all Liv defenders except last one, cleared to touch

    Another foul by Liv attacker

    Then a 4v4 counterattack for Liv, calls from bench for a PK, didn’t see it from here

    Liv is attacking with enough numbers that now Monty also counterattacking

    Monty attacker fed great ball right side from 10 yards, only GK with great save on low hard shot into middle of goal

    Now a CK for Monty

  22. 2nd half

    Counterattack for Liv down right side, whistle but it’s for Monty

    Great opp for Monty on left side of area but defender steps in front , corner. CK bounces to outside 18, shot high

  23. Monty Liv 0-0 with 10 in FH

    Monty dominating possession and looking dangerous at 18 but not getting great shots off

    LHS counterattacking infrequently but look dangerous when they do

    Ref allowing quite physical play, both teams taking advantage of it

    1. Monty taking some wild shots, from distance and way off target

      Really good opp for Monty on cross from left but right wing puts ball wide and was off

      With 1 min to go Liv GL makes diving save , corner

      Corner goes into side net

      1. HT 0-0

        Monty with all the possession, Liv congestimg the middle from 25 yards out, defending physically but without fouling

        1. Weather 40 to 45 with minimal wind,!sin down now, temp will drop another 10 degrees

          Game could end 0-0 at this rate, Monty does need to be patient and guard against counterattack. Liv can keep defending this way as Monty has not solved the puzzle

  24. Go Cougs!
    I hope the 8 mile away drive and “frigid” temps are not overwhelming!
    I imagine tonight will be balmy when compared to the 25° temps in Dallas in January.
    Finally back in town after missing the first two playoff games and I am looking forward to a great game as I know you gals are well prepared for these situations, especially the NCS run!
    One game at a time & keep your focus!
    And to one impact player in particular, It appears the others have had your back while you were away, welcome back! Time to go to work.
    No predictions. Your play tonight will be the story!

    1. Will you stop with the big Dallas trip – those teams you beat were so weak it is embarrassing that you keep bringing it up – the teams you were ranked 664 and 1108 in the nation – please just stop.
      When you soundly beat Monte Vista, by all means feel free to brag/post again.

      1. I don’t think CornerKick was bragging about the Texas trip… just comparing similar weather patterns since there was talk about the cold temps. FYI, Marcus is ranked 43 and Ursuline 259… those are good teams my friend. But… you’re right; the true test is MV. CHS certainly has their chance, we’ll see what the Cougars can do in round 3.

      2. LetitGo
        No bragging here just some encouragement for the Cougs.
        You, however sound a bit concerned.
        Now, apparently CHS needs to “soundly” beat MV for it to count?

        Since you brought it up again, I am pretty sure CHS didn’t pick the teams, but Marcus is still ranked top 50 after a sound CHS beating (higher than any EBAL team not named CHS or MV) and Ursuline top 250 (lost to CHS and Marcus that weekend) and has won that state’s championship 24 of last 26 years. You left that out.
        EBAL is the toughest league out there! Finding some challenging non conference games is probably not so easy. I imagine more than just winning games is the reason for a road trip like that?
        And FYI the temperature reference was to the ridiculous earlier post/prediction about last nights game and the “frigid temps” that somehow tipped the advantage in favor of the Falcons?
        I quietly watched a dominating CHS performance from up high versus a very good 1 loss team.

        And if you don’t mind, I will feel free to post whenever I please. Should be fun game to watch on Saturday.

  25. My prediction considering the frigid temperature all will have to endure.

    MV vs. Foothill

    Monty vs. Maria Carillo

    Kennedy vs. Analy

    Branson vs. Piedmont

    Game of the week:
    Livermore vs. Monty

      1. ebal is predicting what the finals will be.

        I will give predictions with possible scores, as in the Boys discussion:

        Monte Vista 2-0 Cal
        Foothill 2-1 C-let (2OT)

        Monty 2-1 Livermore
        MC 2-3 Redwood

        Analy 2-0 YV
        Campo 2-2 JFK-F (Campo 4-2 PK’s)

        Branson 1-1 CNewman (Branson 5-3 PK’s)
        Piedmont 1-2 SA (1OT)

        1. Comment given as an attempt at good-natured banter (which doesn’t always come through in this sort of site), but I think your North Bay bias got the best of you on the DIV predictions! I expect Piedmont and Branson to both win pretty handily.

          1. Looks like you were right about the bias as to the Piedmont game but not the Branson game. First, Branson and CN are both North Bay teams in the way I use the phrase (my handle does not refer to NBL, also SA is not an NBL team regardless); second, looks like Branson was held scoreless by CN for 79 minutes on the Branson postage stamp field (after a Bulls goal in the first minute)— wouldn’t call that “handily “.

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