Girls Soccer: Updated Playoff Picture, Updated Rankings, Standings, Stats

Girls Soccer: Updated Playoff Picture, Updated Rankings, Standings, Stats

One week for the bubble teams to stake their claim.

Division I

Locks: Amador Valley, Berkeley, California, Carondelet, Castro Valley, Clayton Valley, College Park, Dublin, Foothill, Freedom, Heritage, Liberty, Logan, Monte Vista, San Ramon Valley

I’m moving Berkeley and CP into the locks. That’s 15. There is one spot left.

Likely In: N/A

On the Bubble: Deer Valley, Irvington, San Leandro

It’s these three teams for one spot.

Deer Valley – The spot is their’s if they can get a win and a draw against Pitt and Freedom.

Irvington/San Leandro – If DV doesn’t get eligible, it’ll come down to a resume comparison between these two for the last spot.

Division II

Locks: Arroyo, Bishop O’Dowd, Las Lomas, Livermore, Maria Carrillo, Montgomery, Newark Memorial, Northgate, Redwood, Tamalpais, Ukiah

BOD is a lock. That makes 11.

Likely In: Hayward

Hayward – Just about have the WACC Shoreline wrapped up.

On the Bubble: Alameda, Casa Grande, Concord, Hayward, Mission San Jose, Richmond, Santa Rosa, Windsor

Alameda – Need to end the season strong. I think the last spot could come down between them and MSJ.

Casa – Need to go a game over in their last three matches. Final match of the year against SR could be an elimination match for both teams.

Concord – Needs to be Northgate to get eligible. Tough task.

Mission San Jose – It could come down to them versus Alameda.

Richmond – Eligible, but will need some teams to not be eligible

SR – Have a very winnable game against Rancho, then need to get a draw at least against Casa.

Windsor – Needs to win out against Maria and Ukiah, two of the best teams in the league.

Division III

Locks: Alhambra, Analy, Campolindo, De Anza, Drake, El Cerrito, Kennedy-Fremont, Miramonte, Petaluma, Pinole Valley, Sonoma Valley, Terra Linda

Campo joins the locks. Miramonte joins the locks. Both teams are locked in with Division record. Sonoma Valley is a lock.

Likely In: Albany, San Rafael, YV

Albany – Probably close to a lock, much like San Rafael.

San Rafael – Now eligible and with a solid overall record in a tough league. Probably getting in.

YV – Probably a lock. I am confident about these 16 teams.

I think these are the other three teams to get in.

On the Bubble: Mt. Diablo

Mt. Diablo – Has to get a win or draw against YV. That’s it. That happens, and they are eligible, it doesn’t and they are out.

Division IV

Locks: Branson, Berean Christian, Cardinal Newman, Head-Royce, Marin Academy, Marin Catholic, Moreau Catholic, Piedmont, Sonoma Academy, St. Mary’s, University, Urban

12 locks remain.

Likely In: El Molino

El Mo is likely in. I am not locking them because maybe I don’t have all their matches, but I have them at 1-1 in DIV matches, with none remaining in that category.

On the Bubble: Lick Wilmerding, St. Patrick-St. Vincent, Swett

Lick – Needs to win the BCL Tournament.

St. Pat – I have St. Pat at 3-4-1 in DIV matches. If this is accurate, they can’t get in.

Swett – I think they are eligible. But I can’t be 100 percent sure because they don’t submit scores to me.


Small changes up top as Tam moves up a spot, SRV moves up a spot and Clayton and Monty jump two spots.

1. Monte Vista 17-0-1
2. Branson 18-0-1
3. California 11-2-5
4. Foothill 10-1-7
5. Carondelet 13-4-4
6. Tamalpais 17-1-2
7. San Ramon Valley 6-2-8
8. Clayton Valley 14-0-7
9. Montgomery 15-1-1
10. Amador Valley 11-4-3
11. Dublin 9-4-5
12. Las Lomas 11-4-0
13. Livermore 9-6-3
14. Liberty 12-4-0
15. Maria Carrillo 12-2-1
16. Newark 14-2-1
17. Redwood 13-4-0
18. Heritage 10-5-0
19. Northgate 10-3-2
20. Piedmont 11-3-2
21. Logan 10-3-2
22. Freedom 8-4-4
23. Analy 14-1-3
24. Kennedy-Fremont 11-4-2
25. Cardinal Newman 10-7-0


Marin Academy (8-6-1, 7-2-1) 22
Urban (7-5-3, 6-2-2) 20
Head-Royce (7-4-3, 5-2-3) 18
University (6-5-4, 3-4-3) 12
Lick-Wilmerding (2-7-5, 2-4-4) 10
St. Joseph-Notre Dame (1-10-1, 0-9-1) 1
Redwood Christian (0-10-1, 0-0-0) 0

Liberty (12-4-0, 7-1-0) 21
Freedom (8-4-4, 6-1-1) 19
Heritage (10-5-0, 6-2-0) 18
Deer Valley (7-9-1, 3-4-1) 10
Pittsburg (7-15-0, 1-7-0) 3
Antioch (1-14-3, 0-8-0) 0

Foothill Division
Las Lomas (11-4-0, 8-0-0) 24
Campolindo (8-7-0, 4-4-0) 12
College Park (8-7-3, 4-4-0) 12
Miramonte (7-11-1, 4-4-0) 12
Alhambra (8-7-2, 2-4-2) 8
Acalanes (3-12-2, 0-6-2) 2
Valley Division
Clayton Valley (14-0-7, 6-0-2) 20
Northgate (10-3-2, 6-0-2) 20
Berean Christian (8-6-2, 3-3-2) 11
Ygnacio Valley (7-5-1, 3-4-1) 10
Concord (5-10-3, 2-5-1) 7
Mt. Diablo (9-12-1, 0-8-0) 0

Mountain Division
Monte Vista (17-0-1, 10-0-1) 31
California (11-2-5, 5-2-4) 19
Carondelet (13-4-4, 5-3-3) 18
San Ramon Valley (6-2-8, 3-2-6) 15
Dougherty Valley (3-12-1, 0-11-0) 0
Valley Division
Foothill (10-1-7, 4-1-6) 18
Amador Valley (11-4-3, 4-4-3) 15
Livermore (9-6-3, 4-5-2) 14
Dublin (9-4-5, 2-4-5) 11
Granada (3-10-2, 2-7-2) 8

Branson (18-0-1, 13-0-1) 40
Tamalpais (17-1-2, 12-0-2) 38
Redwood (13-4-0, 11-3-0) 33
Drake (11-5-4, 5-5-4) 19
Marin Catholic (6-7-1, 6-7-1) 19
Terra Linda (10-8-0, 6-8-0) 18
Novato (5-8-4, 3-8-3) 12
San Rafael (8-10-4, 3-8-3) 12
San Marin (4-13-5, 1-8-5) 8
Justin-Siena (0-14-4, 0-12-2) 2

Logan (10-3-2, 10-0-2) 32
Newark Memorial (14-2-1, 10-1-1) 31
Kennedy (11-4-2, 7-3-2) 23
Irvington (10-6-1, 6-5-1) 19
Moreau Catholic (7-3-4, 5-3-4) 19
American (3-13-1, 2-10-0) 6
Mission San Jose (4-13-1, 2-10-0) 6
Washington (1-16-0, 1-11-0) 3

Montgomery (15-1-1, 11-0-1) 34
Maria Carrillo (12-2-1, 10-1-1) 31
Cardinal Newman (10-7-0, 6-5-0) 18
Ukiah (10-7-3, 6-6-0) 18
Casa Grande (7-8-0, 5-6-0) 15
Santa Rosa (8-9-0, 4-8-0) 12
Windsor (7-9-2, 4-8-0) 12
Rancho Cotate (0-18-0, 0-12-0) 0

Analy (14-1-3, 11-0-1) 34
Sonoma Academy (12-4-2, 9-2-0) 27
Petaluma (13-4-2, 8-2-2) 26
Sonoma Valley (8-7-1, 7-4-1) 22
El Molino (3-10-0, 1-7-0) 3
Elsie Allen (2-14-0, 1-8-0) 3
Piner (2-9-1, 0-6-1) 1
Healdsburg (0-10-0, 0-7-0) 0

Rock Division
Pinole Valley (13-3-1, 9-0-1) 28
El Cerrito (9-4-3, 8-1-1) 25
Albany (10-7-0, 6-4-0) 18
St. Mary’s (8-6-0, 4-6-0) 12
Salesian (1-9-1, 1-8-1) 4
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (3-11-1, 0-9-1) 1
Stone Division
De Anza (9-6-0, 8-0-0) 24
Richmond (6-13-0, 6-2-0) 18
Hercules (3-12-2, 3-4-1) 10
Swett (3-9-2, 1-5-1) 4
Kennedy (1-14-0, 0-7-0) 0

Foothill League
Piedmont (11-3-2, 5-1-2) 17
Berkeley (5-6-8, 3-0-5) 14
Bishop O’Dowd (5-8-2, 4-2-2) 14
Castro Valley (9-4-4, 4-2-2) 14
Arroyo (6-10-1, 1-6-1) 4
Mt. Eden (4-11-1, 1-7-0) 3
Shoreline League
Hayward (6-4-2, 6-0-2) 20
San Leandro (11-3-7, 4-0-4) 16
Alameda (5-9-4, 4-2-2) 14
Tennyson (6-12-3, 2-4-2) 8
Encinal (3-5-5, 1-3-4) 7
San Lorenzo (0-14-2, 0-8-0) 0


Agostino, Alhambra 23
Tshimbalanga, Carondelet 21
Brinkman, Freedom 19
Gonzalez, M. Carrillo 19
Brien, Piedmont 17
Day, Branson 16
Jones, Branson 16
N. Trucco, Cal 16
Romero, Livermore 16
Fuentes, Newark 16
Halford, RW 16
Prosnitz, Branson 15
Burton, EC 15
Bray, Ukiah 15
Safarians, CP 14
Cudd, Drake 14
Hazelwood, Pinole 14
Madriz, Arroyo 13
Murillo, Logan 13
Edelman, MV 13
B. Santillan, Newark 13

Jones, Branson 17
Halford, RW 16
M. Dillon, Branson 14
Ospeck, Carondelet 14
Fuentes, Newark 14
Van Pelt, EC 13
Dejjkic, MV 13
A. Dillon, Branson 12
Prosnitz, Branson 12
Day, Branson 11
Burton, EC 10

128 thoughts on “Girls Soccer: Updated Playoff Picture, Updated Rankings, Standings, Stats

  1. The committe has a long day ahead of them. Boys and girls for 8 divisions.

    Heritage won league and appears to play Dublin @8. The two played already this year. Is there a chance they place Logan or Clayton into that spot to avoid a repeat game?

    1. If last year is any indication, the “committee” does not pay a lot of attention to such sublties. Foothill boys played Amador on the last game of the season, then played each other again the following Wed in playoff first round. Same league, rivalry match and two games in one week.

  2. Not trying to stir the pot but my personal view on things-For everyone who is concerned about seeding- who cares and just play . If you want to be the best you must beat the best. If your seeded 7th, 8th, 1st, 14th you have to win games-so what does it matter? You want an “easier” road to the championship? If that’s the train of thought then maybe you shouldn’t be playing in the playoffs and vying to be champion. Good luck to everyone and hope all the girls stay healthy and play some quality soccer.

    1. You need to put down the “Vince Lombardi Motivational” book. Obviously you’ve never been involved with an athletic ‘Home/Away’ playoff situation. Your post is a worn out cliche. Everyone knows that you need to ‘”beat the best to be the best”. Seeding does factor into the playoffs in various ways. Being a top seed allows you to play up to 3 games at home (at least 1 game) which is a nice reward for a season of hard work. Being at home and not traveling not only rewards the players but also the parents, family members and friends who have supported the team all season. The energy and excitement that all these people bring to home games motivates the players as well.

      Good Luck to “All” home and away teams!!!
      Go EBAL!

      1. Good one on the motivational book- heheh. Give you points on that one all though haven’t read any. Recommendations would be accepted though. In terms of being involved in a home and away absolutely have- got seeded against San Ramon valley two season ago I think it was. We were the lowest and they were number 1 seed at the time. I could care less about my seeding. If we won that game hat meant that game we were better than them if we lost then obvisouly that game they were better in that game than us. So I do have personal feeling with the situation that’s why i say it’s my personal opinion because i truly don’t care where I get seeded/would have been seeded or who I have to play. Let’s play and see who comes out on top that’s the beauty of playoffs. Playoff atmosphere is awesome I agree 100% but it’s high school Soccer so the beauty of it is that for the most part all teams travel well student body and families.

    2. Sure you have to beat the best to be the champ but most teams would rather play the best last…….and that includes all professional teams in ALL sports.

      MV does not want to face Dublin first, then Foothill and then Carondolet.

      A much easier path would be Irvington, Liberty , C-let.

      In scenario 2 everyone gets to and have fun. Scenario 1 the bench will be shortened.

        1. Meant to say: Like I said my personal opinion is all. Still of the train of thought of put who ever in front of me and let’s play. Just my make up-not a knock on anyone just how I operate ‘‘tis all.

    3. I have a different take on DVHS’s post than Angel Eyes. It is fun to talk about this soccer stuff. I don’t know about anyone else, but my work can be stressful. High school sports are fun. It is a “first world” diversion, everything from roster composition, to sub patterns, to formations, to performance. It is just fun. Once I hit the send button, I am done with it…until I open it next time. :- )

  3. When will seeding announced?

    Does anyone know when we can expect the seeding to be revealed? I assume some time Sunday?

    Then, will the first match be Wednesday?

      1. Not a big deal, but as long as we are communicating, do you know when on Sunday? I am sure the remarks on this forum will be interesting.

  4. Matt –

    Any chance Dublin can get the 7 seed? Clayton’s SOS is glaringly weak and Dublin has a better +GD vs. common opponents (SRV and DV).

    1. I would say that it is likely, especially if Clayton doesn’t win their league, which they probably won’t. If they were a league champ, they’d probably jump Dublin.

  5. Sorry. Just a little tired of the Carondolet excuses for not winning certain games. They are a good team. I would not be surprised to see them at #3.

    @matt – I would to see your unbiased analysis of how the D1 bracket and the following:

    1) who should be 3-4-5 and why

    2) where Dublin should be placed in relation to league winnners Logan, Clayton and Heritage.

    3) the case for San Leandro vs. Irvington for the 16 spot.

    1. No excuses at all. You win some, you lose some. Our record is better, that’s all. I’m actually tired of seeing so many people bash Carondelet on this thing. They lost 5 games all season and for some reason everyone just wants to talk poorly of them. I don’t really get it. They are in no way scared to play MV- I can guarantee you that. If anyone should be scared it shouldn’t be MV, just saying!

        1. As a Cougar fan, I look forward to seeing a key player on the pitch again as CHS heads toward NCS. A player that as many know (especially her club teammates from MV) is a game changer and whom was coincidentally missing from each of the Cougar’s EBAL losses.
          A blessing to have such a great talent when she is in the country and not with the WNT. (Davis has a similar situation with their best player.)
          Should be a fun NCS tournament.
          Love to see these teams go head to head at full strength on a neutral field.
          We will know what the committee decides tomorrow.
          If you can win the next 4 games they will call you NCS Champions.

      1. As a Cal High supporter, I am wary of Carondolet. They have been a problem for us for AT LEAST two years. Even in those games where I felt we created more and better chances, they bested us.

  6. Carondolet lost to Amador late, Foothill and tied Dublin.
    You are not the 2nd or 3rd best team in the ebal and therefore should not receive higher than a 4 seed.

    You higher max preps ratings is in part due to your team running up the score on weak opponents.

    Funny how parents were predicting how good Carondolet was going to be and now are reduced to trying to run away from MV!

    1. Algorithms do not work that way. Their high rating is beating out of state ranked teams. Why would it matter when they lost games…. They lost, they won. If you have 13 D-1 players on your team, you had better win it all every year.

    2. Clearly a Carondelet Hater…..and Why?
      Not sure what Max Preps rankings you’re looking at. They currently have Carondelet #7 in D-1 and they’re EBAL record is what it is #3 or #4? I don’t think you can take that away from them. Who’s saying it should be higher? Now you want to discredit the Max Preps ratings because according to your ‘Personal’ rating system “They ran up scores”? What? Anyone who knows anything about this season’s Girls EBAL soccer (you clearly don’t) would have picked Carondelet to challenge MV for the league championship. Obviously it didn’t work out and I’m not seeing any parents “Being reduced to run away from MV”. Playoffs are coming up when the ‘REAL’ season begins. MV is in a great spot to win NCS. I hope you didn’t JINX them with your Jackass remarks. I’m assuming you’re an MV fan- or maybe you’re just a wannabe MV bandwagon fan.

      Congrats to MV on a great season. Go EBAL.

    3. Ebal,
      I realize you desperately want to get CHS at Home for the semi-finals (should both make it through the first two rounds, of course)
      Not sure the committee will see it that way though? Probably line it up for a neutral site match up and #2 or #3 for the cougs. Either works. #4 would be a shame for NCS as both deserve a path to the finals without each other as a semifinal hurdle.

  7. Sea change: Time for a “short bench?”

    Off and on all year there has been a discussion about substitution policy and whether coaches limited or should limit their substitutions. I have been an advocate of liberal substitution… in the regular season. But, in the play-offs, I believe “all bets are off.” I think that in the play-offs all coaches are “well within their rights” to rely solely on those players they feel give them the best chance to advance.

    I would not be surprised nor dismayed to see coaches “shorten” their bench to their best best twelve to fourteen players nor deviate from those players absent injury or poor form.

    1. Well for our team there is a difference between “short bench” and coach’s idea of who that should be. I guess that’s why we are out! See u next year! Good luck to all!

  8. Most probable final seedings

    1) MV
    2) Foothill
    3) amador
    4) Carondolet – lost to 1,2 and 3
    5) Cal High
    6) SRV
    7) Clayton – league champs. SOS should not allow them to go past 7.
    8) Liberty – league champs
    9) Logan – league champs
    10) Dublin
    11) Heritage
    12) Freedom
    13) Castro Valley
    14) College Park
    15) Berkeley
    16) I predict Irvington

    Let’s see how close I am.

    1. @ebal, How do you rate SOS? The only resource I know of/use is MaxPreps and according to them, CVC has a worse SOS rating than Antioch, Liberty, Freedom, College Park, Berkeley and Heritage. Also, how do you compare a team like Dublin vs Logan vs Liberty? Dublin has a worse record and has slumped in the second half of the season, but look at their competition. It’s a toss up for me but I can see how the wins and being a league champs edges a team that has a poor league record against day-in and day-out elite opponents. But just a brief glance at Logan’s league schedule vs. Dublin’s and it’s not even close. With all due respect to the rest of the MVL, Logan’s only competition this year has been its two preseason games against EBAL opponents and its 4 games against Kennedy and Newark.

      1. I don’t know the exact formula for the SOS but I can only guess it factors in the win loss percentage of the opponent, score differential in wins and losses, etc. Maybe Matt can provide insight on how max preps determines this.

        The placement of Dublin will be very interesting in relation to the BVAL and MVL teams. Certainly you want to reward league winners but you don’t want to penalize the top seeds by giving them Dublin in round 1.

        IMO Hertiage should play James Logan at the 8 and 9, which is very reasonable for both. This will give MV an easier 2nd round game that they deserve.

        Dublin should them play Clayton at the 7 vs. 10 game. This would be a tough match up for Clayton and a game to watch for sure.

        Liberty should play SRV in the 6 vs. 11 game.

    2. I don’t think NCS likes league champs/automatic qualifiers playing each other in the first round. So I would guess they drop either Liberty or Logan to an 11 seed, or otherwise mess with the seedings so that they do not play each other in the first round.

        1. I don’t think head to head is the top seeding criteria. If that was the case, Cal and Granada would be “ranked” higher than AV.
          Amador has some bad losses.
          0-6 to MV
          0-4 to Granada
          MaxPreps algorithm is pretty good at evaluating SOS and goals for and goals against various teams.

        1. Carondelet’s record is better and ranking is higher. Amador clearly played a softer schedule. Carondelet should get the 3 seed. Cal lost their last 2 games to MV and Carondelet… the top 2 ranked teams in NCS (teams Amador only had to play once) and beat Amador head to head. They have strong case for 4 seed. EBAL obviously doesn’t care about SOS but the committee does.

    3. Carondelet places third in league. They have a better overall AND league record. They also had a significantly stronger strength of schedule. I think they take the #3 seed. If the records were tied with AV, then head to head they would get the #4.

      1. In the MaxPreps NCS Div 1 rankings, AV is ahead of Carondelet, most likely because AV beat Carondelet – and head to head is critical.

        Looking at the schedules, C-Let has some wonky teams on their schedule that they beat by 7 goals – which always looks suspicious for strength of schedule. I guess we will find out Sunday

          1. Here is a link to the NCS Div 1 Rankings from MaxPreps with CHS at #7

            I think you are looking at the playoff predictor (whatever that is) where MaxPreps posts who they think has the best chance of winning NCS – not sure why that does not line up with their rankings, does not make sense to me.

            1. SayWhat,
              Those that you refer to are “standings” NOT rankings. Just because a team has a better Standing does not mean they deserve a higher ranking.
              CougsFan points out CHS is #2 rank in the NCS D1 and actually #2 in EBAL.
              There is no way CHS should be below #3. CHS should actually be seeded #2. It is about the body of work.
              With top 2 set to represent NCS in the regional, does the committee really want to play them against each other before the finals to make sure one is eliminated and cannot represent NCS at the regionals?
              Of course there are 3 very tough games to get there and one game must be played at a time.
              Actually the MaxPreps algorithm is pretty detailed and can predict outcomes fairly accurately.

              1. Hey I checked out the “body of work” that you say it is all about. Turns out that Carnondelet played teams that were ranked at 631 and 1095th (not a typo) in the nation!! CHS is should thank Monte Vista that they were on their schedule twice to salvage their “strength of schedule” with teams like that on the resume 🙂

                1. Seeding matters as the higher seed will be the home side through the semifinal round. Thus, #2 vs #3 flips the home team on that side of the bracket.
                  “Body of work” must be considered.
                  Beating very weak teams by 5 or 7 goals does not help a ranking. Those games simply give subs many more minutes.
                  The MaxPreps algorithm looks at the teams you play and the teams that they play/beat. You need to hope that every team you play will win all its remaining games. That is how your SOS will rise.
                  So, I must add, has anyone except CHS played Davis (#36 National) or Marcus (#60 National)?
                  Being invited to represent CA from their prior year’s NCS performance and agreeing to travel all the way to a showcase with the best teams in Texas (& being assigned 3 out of 4 pre season Top 20 National ranked teams)
                  A team and its coaches should be given a little credit for seeking out the best teams in pre season or on their non conference schedule to work out lineups and game situations before getting into the EBAL gauntlet.

                  So, (and this is “no typo” either) you can look at MV’s non conf games and see a similar National ranking disparity:
                  mV vs
                  #1341 w 1-0
                  #803 w 3-0
                  #784 w 2-0
                  It happens. Not every team is a top 100 team. We just have many of them here in EBAL/NCS.
                  (And MV and CHS can’t play themselves.)
                  No other team in NCS has played a tougher schedule than CHS. That is their body of work. 23 games. Playing MV twice in the mountain division this year was quite a task.
                  I look forward to CHS vs MV game 3!
                  AV and FH only had the MV matchup once. Plain and simple, each would have another loss.
                  I don’t mean to disrespect the season accomplishments of anyone, it’s just my opinion that CHS, MV, and Davis are the best 3 teams in NorCal.
                  Again, nobody else has played Davis (or Marcus) and it is my opinion that only 2 NCS D1 teams have a legitimate chance to eventually beat Davis at the Regionals (MV and CHS).

      2. CHS is actually #2 in EBAL with 21 pts.
        There are no ties at #2.
        No tie breakers needed.
        Foothill vs Amador tie in last game cost the Dons the #2 spot. Actually it cost Foothill as well. A win for either would have given them the spot.
        CHS knew they needed that 2-0 win over Cal High and a tie in that game to secure the #2 EBAL League spot. The Cougs got it done. Great job girls.
        Keep your focus. Time to show what you learned during the year and time to play the playoff games one at a time. Your goal is within your reach!

        1. I don’t know about a #2 for CHS. Foothill had just one loss all season which is noteworthy. Carondelet had 5 losses two of which were to Foothill and to Amador. Guess we will find out on Sunday!

          1. The body of work, how you finish and injuries are huge factors. You lost to MV 3-0 late and lost to Amador late, the latter IMO ended your hope for the #2 seed. Last 4 games you went 1-2-1

            Amador 1-1-2 –
            Foothill 0-0-4 – steady
            Cal High 1-2-1
            SRV 2-1-1 – improving
            Livermore 2-0-1- improving
            Dublin 1-2-1
            DV 0-4
            MV 4-0
            Grananda 2-2

    4. Cal finishes ahead of Amador in League, played a stronger schedule and beat them head to head… they get the 4 seed. Amador 5

      1. Ebal teams did not have the same intra schedule for comparison and:

        Amador beat Carondolet
        Carondolet beat CAL
        Cal beat amador

        1. I agree with that – the bracket position is primary to the ranking/seeding. The “committee” can just move a team one spot in the rankings and change everything. Rumors abound over the years; they won’t make EBAL teams play each other in the first game (wrong), the don’t like league “champions” to face off in the first round (not sure if that is so ) etc…. so teams all wait for Sunday to know their fate.

    5. Should NCS seeding of EBAL teams be in order of league finish and then head to head?

      1 Monte Vista (12-0-1) 37 Points
      2 Carondelet (6-4-3) 21 Points
      3 Foothill (4-1-8) 20 Points
      4 California (5-4-4) 19 Points
      5 Amador Valley (5-4-4) 19 Points (Cal beat Amador)
      6 San Ramon Valley (4-3-6) 18 Points
      7 Livermore (5-5-3) 18 Points (SRV beat Livermore)
      8 Dublin (3-5-5) 14 Points
      9 Granada (3-8-2) 11 Points
      10 Dougherty Valley (0-13-0) 0 Points

      1. I don’t know how much NCS committee relies on where you finish in your respective league (unless of course, you are the champion). I think they look at your winning percentage across all NCS schools at your level – sort of similar to how ECNL calculates their rankings when you have to look at a bunch teams that may or not have played each other. After that they might take a look at head – head for teams that are close… but keep in mind they don’t have a lot of time to hammer this out.

    1. DVHS allowed 3 cheap goals in the last 20 minutes- pretty much sums up the season. Have the run of play, play some quality soccer and at the end just…..brain fart city. Lol. Ohh well! Live and learn. Good luck to all the teams who make it to NCS.

        1. One cheap goal when your goalie dropped the ball.

          Goal two was a legit Rocket strike form 30 yards that went just under the crossbar.

          3rd strike hit the top crossbar and went in.

          Two ecnl starters were out and still took care of business.

          1. Last two goals not sure meant to be actual shots. However you want to put it-yes you did take care of business who cares if you had any ecnl players out. That has no bearing on anything.

            1. No bearing considering that I’m sure those aren’t the only two ecnl players you have on the roster so who cares. Lol. It was a good game either way.

  9. LEAGUE STANDINGS TIE BREAKER – In EBAL there are 5 teams within 1 point of each other. I looked around but could not find how the tie breakers. Anyone know or have a link to the tie breaker rules?

    1. Tie Breaker System
      Used to determine EBAL designated champion for NCS Championships unless a sport has other tie breaker system.

      Sec. 1 Records-head to head in the tie.
      Sec. 2 Best record of last round played.
      Sec. 3 Winner of last round.
      Sec. 4 In a 3 way tie (or more) once the tie is broken you then revert back to 1st tie
      Sec. 5 Lottery—if the coach or designee is not present at the pre-season coaches
      meeting, that school will receive the last number.

      Here is a link:

        1. I am just confused by number 2: “best record of the last round”??

          Old EBAL played two rounds, everyone played everyone 2x – so that makes sense to me where you could calculate your record per each round, and compare it to the other team. But with the new EBAL divisional split and cross-division games playing each other only once, what constitutes the end of a round of play? The halfway point of the season by dates?

          Maybe Matt knows??

  10. SCL Girls Update:

    Scores from Wednesday:

    Sonoma Valley 3 Piner 0

    Petaluma 7 Elsie 0

    ElMo 9 Healdsburg 0
    –This win makes ElMo eligible for NCS regardless of the outcome of Friday’s home game against Sonoma Academy (based on a 3-2-0 record against D4 teams)

    Sonoma Academy 1 Analy 0
    This is a huge win for SA, one of the smallest D4 schools, against a team that arguably had the inside track for the #1 seed in D3. Perhaps that #1 seed is at risk now, depending on outcome of Analy’s game Friday at Sonoma Valley.

    The win also keeps SA’s hope of a league championship alive. If SA beat ElMo and Analy loses to SV, SA are SCL champions. If Analy draws with SV, and SA wins, their winning percentage will be the same– not sure if that is what SCL uses to determine its champion. (If it is WP, then they will be co-champions and then a tiebreaker will determine NCS automatic qualifier.)
    With this being SA’s first season in the SCL after years of having played in a much less competitive CMC leagues, this is a huge accomplishment regardless of the results on Friday. The “bad news” is, the win over Analy may take SA from a 6 or 7 seed to a 4 or 5 seed, which would mean Branson in the semifinals. Nobody wants to be on Branson’s side of the bracket! (The 2 and 3 seeds in D4 likely will go to Piedmont and Cardinal Newman, IMO.)

    1. And to add to the intrigue, the SV vs. Analy game is at Arnold Field in Sonoma, an unforgiving grass and– to be honest– dirt field. Very different from Analy’s pristine new artificial turf where Analy beat SV 1-0 earlier in the league season.

  11. Someone, I don’t remember who, went out of their way to tell me College Park was NOT (and they used all caps) a lock. Well, they just became eligible. And I had them as a lock, because I knew they would.
    I tend to know what I am talking about when I take all the time that I do to create this blog.

  12. Seeding –
    1) MV – league champs
    2) Foothill
    3) Cal
    4) Amador
    5) Carondolet
    6) San Ramon Valley
    7) Clayton – league champs
    8) Liberty – league champs
    9) James Logan – league champs
    10) Dublin
    11) Heritage
    12) Freedom
    13) Castro Valley
    14) College Park
    15) Berkeley
    16) Irvington

    I don’t see Carondolet moving much between 4/5. You most certainly will be on the MV bracket side.

    Potentially great 1st round games:
    SRV vs. Heritage
    Dublin vs. Clayton
    James Logan vs. Liberty

    1. Be interesting to see if the Berkeley at Castro Valley game tomorrow night impacts the bottom of the bracket. The match ups are intriguing.

      1. Have you watched SRV or Heritage play. As I recall you’re a liberty parent from a player graduated last year. Am I correct?

        1. Let’s see what happens come playoff time “Bob”. I stand by my statement. As I wrote earlier in the season, I don’t think anybody in the BVAL stands a chance this year. I’d love to be wrong but the evidence is pretty overwhelming. If I’m wrong, I’ll buy you a beer.

    1. First, kudos to MV for a nice match.

      Cal High started boldly, and while I may be mistaken, it appeared Cal High opened with three up top, while playing a 4-3-3. So, it appeared they weren’t going to bunker down, absorb pressure and try to counter. Irrespective of the system, it looked like Cal High was going to try to go “toe-to-toe” with MV. And, for the first twenty-five minutes or so, it worked…and worked well. The game was, essentially, even and Cal High had some good chances. Unfortunately, Cal High did not come away with anything for its efforts in those first twenty-five minutes.

      Then, MV’s superiority started to tell and the game became what the score line reflects. Simply put, last night at least, MV was the better team. At times, Cal High was pretty compressed in their defensive third and unable to “get out.”

      In the first half, MV scored on a nice header and a lightening quick break. The third goal, which came in the second stanza, came off a defensive breakdown.

      On to Carondolet and an attempt to finish with a second or third seed.

      1. Many ebal teams have D1 commits just as good as MV’s. The problem is MV has 13+ and no one can match up except DAVIS. For any team to beat them in the NCS playoffs they must:

        1) play defensive and counter
        2) “everyone” has to have a great game
        3) goalie play needs to be perfect
        4) MV plays less than excellent

        SRV, Foothill and maybe Clayton

        1. I agree with the major contours of ebal’s assessment, above.

          As to Cal High’s unique situation should they get a rematch? (Caveat: What follows may bore everyone to tears. Leave now if likely?) Last night, I learned, somewhat to my surprise and delight, that Cal High can play with Monte Vista…for a short period of time.

          I would go 3-5-2 to start. Put the three fastest backs in the back; MV had more speed than I noticed the first time the two teams played. I would open with five mids, hope to overload the midfield, win the ball high and try to get it to “she who shall not be mentioned” and/or her partner. (If I get scared and “chicken-out,” I may go with one up top, “she who shall not be named” and stick with four backs, playing a 4-5-1.)

          While all the MV backs appeared to be good players, I would tell the Cal High players to stay away from the MV centerback at all costs. She is just too good. Too steady. Defeat lies down that road.

          I would try to get a goal or two in the first twenty to twenty-five minutes. Then, I would sit back, absorb pressure and counter. This would deny space in the back, which would have eliminated MV’s second goal last night. I would bunker down hoping to preserve the win or get a tie, which in the play-offs would lead, I believe, to penalty kicks? And, anything can happen with penalty kicks and both of Cal High’s keepers are pretty good.

          Then, I would pray like never before. :- )

          1. exactly! I’d post my most physical forward OR most quick forward at top on the last defender and wait.

            1-5-4. The 5 MF should not cross the center line. Eventually the 15/16 year old backs will make a mistake. If it rains the strategy becomes more dangerous for MV. Anyone remember Stanford vs. Santa Clara last year? Exact strategy and SC won.

            MV will get practice with #16 but it will become more difficult to score as they progress.

            1. Warning: What follows is NOT novel.

              What, I guess, seems apparent to all of us on this forum is that, at the moment, there is Monte Vista…and everyone else.

              The latter are each going to have to eliminate what is in front of them and then formulate a unique plan, incorporating their strengths and disguising their weaknesses, as to how to beat Monte Vista, which ain’t gonna be easy.

              1. Come playoff time, anything can happen. MV in the 2015 final was 49-0 and got beat by a bunch of nobody underclassmen.

                1. Not really “nobody” players. What a great class of 2017 at Liberty!
                  Similar in my opinion to this years MV team. My math says MV will be as strong if not stronger next season as most seem to be underclassmen?

                  1. Well, they were in 2015 going into that game. The refs did everything in their power to give that game to MV. That final 2 minutes was actually 8 minutes long. Also, the game was streamed by NFHS (or something like that) and those announcers knew everything about every MV player including their favorite ice cream flavor. Rarely did they say a word about Liberty and when they did they butchered every name.

                    But, I digress. My point is, anybody can beat anybody on any given day and anything can happen. Nerves, illness, injury, etc.

                    Congrats and good luck to all the teams that make NCS. Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

            2. Parenthetically, at least last night, MV did not have “last defender.” They were always, at a minimum, “plus 1” or more.

              That being said, I did feel some hope when I saw them hold a line that was so high it was on the 40 yard line…in Cal High’s side of the field!

          2. I would add that Cal High had a half dozen or so free kicks in good positions and didn’t really threaten the Monte Vista goal. Would like to see more players in the goalie’s line of sight and players crossing in front of the goalie after the ball is struck (left to right AND right to left). Would also like to see the primary free kick taker in the box to receive the free kick as she is tall, athletic and very good in the air! 🙂 Play to the strengths you have!

                1. Your comment about being surprised Cal “could play with MV”. They stuck with them the entire first meeting earlier in the season. MV had better chances late, but that’s about it.

                  1. I was surprised given everyone’s superlatives surrounding MV…after that first game. Those remarks indicated they had progressed quite a bit since the first meeting, which I watched. So, yes, I was surprised Cal High hung with them. And, yes, I too think MV progressed quite a bit.

                    1. I think MV learned in the 1st Cal game that they had to play faster and they have for the most made that adjustment. Cal High had some good moments in the 2nd game—after the 1st MV goal for example. They controlled play for quite awhile—their midfield moved the ball well and quickly. However MV started 2nd half very strong and for 1st 10 minutes of 2nd half the ball stayed almost entirely in the Cal half eventually leading to a free kick goal.

  13. Some great games this week. Cal High travels to MV and Carondelet. Both games I’d like to see. After Cal High, MV travels to San Ramon. Probably an AV-Foothill finale as well. Don’t have any predictions. Each of these 4 games could go either way. Am admiring the game-to-game consistency of MV through a tough EBAL schedule and a game against highly-regarded Mitty.

  14. Monty is a very good team (with one WNT player) but something tells me they will eventually run into a very good, battle tested and improving Livermore team with a legit striker and WNT player of their own. They are coached by Mustang’s Chad Harper and will be ready to defend their title.

    Gonna be fun forth the North Bay teams to finally be taking on Bay Area teams in the playoffs.

    1. When/how does Monte Vista run into Livermore again? They already beat them 7-0 and I think Livermore is also a Div2 school as well, so not at the same playoff level at MT.

      1. Monty=Montgomery

        Div II Final should be Monty v Livermore if they are seeded on opposite sides of bracket, assuming injuries are not a factor. Tam has a chance for upset in semi’s if their great D holds on for a 1-0 or PK’s ending.

    2. EBAL, any predictions for tonight? I’m kicking myself that I didn’t listen to you on the “take the over 72 points“ for Super Bowl!

      1. Thursdays predictions

        MV 1-0 over SRV —MV will rest players as the #1 seed is wrapped up.

        Foothill and Amador tie 1-1.

        Dublin over DV 1-0. Dublin is giving up

        Livermore and Granada tie 1-1

        Carondolet and CAL tie 0-0. A c- let win or loss still keeps them in MV’s bracket unless SRV beats MV, which is unlikely.

        Final top 8 seed predictions

        1. MV
        2. Foothill
        3. CAL
        4. Amador
        5. Carondolet
        6. SRV
        7. Clayton ( great year but SOS too weak to get anything higher)
        8. Liberty

    3. We haven’t heard much from Branson or Tamalpais? How good are they? Any games against common opponents that EBAL teams have also faced? Other calibration?

  15. On El Molino, I have them at 2-2 in Division IV matches, with two Div IV matches remaining. Losses to Branson and Sonoma Academy, wins over Berean Christian and Healdsburg. Remaining games are Healdsburg and Sonoma Academy. They beat the Greyhounds 9-0 the first time around, so they are pretty much guaranteed to be eligible with at least a 3-3-0 record in Div IV.

    1. I’m missing a bunch of SCL girls scores. So any help is appreciated.

      I am missing El Mo v. Allen from Jan. 31
      Allen v. Healdsburg from Jan. 26
      Allen v. Piner from Jan. 19

      And I think there are others missing that I just don’t know about.

      1. Each SCL girls team should have 12 league matches played at this point. Lmk if that helps you narrow down the missing results

  16. If I were Novato’s coach, I would be desperately attempting to schedule a game this week against a Division III opponent. A win in such a game would make them eligible.

  17. Great stuff, Matt. This is my first post this season. Only comment on rankings is that Montgomery and Tam should be reversed. I have seen both these teams several times and Monty has the better attack, hands down. The 2-2 draw vs. MC was the result of a GK error in last minute or two of second half (that’s hearsay, however). Looking forward to NCS.

  18. College Park is NOT a lock. If they lose against Miramonte and Alhambra they do not qualify.

    CP lost to Miramonte previously and will go on the road to Alhambra.

  19. Hayward is in! They are a lock. They have San Lorenzo who haven’t won a game all year and they beat them already(9-2). Even if they lose to to San Leandro in the last game, they will win the shoreline. I don’t think they will get a higher seed than 12th though.

  20. It looks like some teams are duplicated in the locks and likely ins? Notably BOD and Albany. Great work though Matt! Looking forward to seeing this final week of play

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